Tangled Tales is a very simple and kinda neat RPG from Origin. Almost the inverse of their Ultima games, it's a silly joke-filled romp that plays more like an adventure game with only cursory RPG elements thrown in.

The player-character is a wizard-in-training, and the game begins innocuously enough with a request from your wizard master to get a refill of a magical ingredient. The magic shop owner in town is "Gone Fishin'", however, which leads to an incredible chain of goofy events that ends with saving the world (or at least your little three-small-area slice of it.)

The game sports a nice, user-friendly interface and some nice detailed graphics (by late 80's EGA standards) in the upper-leftmost window, which shows either the current location or the person you're currently talking to, complete with a bunch of little animations. You move about in the upper-right window in the simplest tile-based style. You can usually see enemies moving about on the map when you get close, and combat is a wholly automated affair where you simply have a random chance of either wounding or killing the enemies (or vice versa) in each turn. You'll find a ton of people about the land waiting to be recruited, and battles often come down to simply having a big enough mob with you to take down the foes at hand.

As mentioned the tone is on the silly side, and while the game is never laugh-out-loud funny it is good for a chuckle here and there - among others you end up recruiting a surfer brah, a thieving valley girl Goldilocks and a jive-talking knight, plus Isaac Newton is some fat drunkard dwarf in this one. Very unusual material for a late 1980s PC RPG, the game really has the tone and feel more of a goofy Japanese RPG of the modern decade.

In the end it isn't really exciting or does anything noteworthy, but the game is put together well and plays smoothly. Also not as easy as it might initially appear, some of the fights can be brutal.

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