Even though Island of Dr. Brain is essentially the same game engine as prequel Castle of Dr. Brain, and thus has the same problems with strict linearity, I actually like it better. This is mostly because it has awesome music, a refreshing island vibe and it doesn't open up with sliding tiles and Sudoko (though Towers of Hanoi is the fourth puzzle, but it isn't too bad here.)

This time out Dr. Brain's operations have been busted so he's on the lam at a South Pacific island, doing some new research. He also talks to you in a slightly disturbing digitized voice, occasionally giving instructions and congratulating you in halting style when you solve a puzzle. Kind of impressive for a sub ten megabyte game, I guess.

Anyway, expect Moar Of The Same from the first game - 3 difficulty settings, linear procession of rooms, always the same puzzles each time. I do dig the tunes, though. And the puzzles seem to have better variety and just generally are more interesting than in the prequel, getting away from the "newspaper entertainment section" tone to a wider range of logic challenges.

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