The first B.A.T. was one of the most confusing and user-unfriendly games I've ever played on the PC. Would the sequel, the "Kosher Conspiracy", fare any better? (SPOILER ALERT: No.)

The game opens with a severely tl;dr text scroll but at least there's an introduction and an objective now. Apparently you're once again part of the Bureau of Astro Trannies or whatever, and you're on another Top Sekrut Mission to take down Eval Corporation who wants to Asplode World.

This games does have a better menu system than the previous, and looks and sounds a lot nicer, but it's still way too confusing to bother with. The "comic book panels" style returns with a vengeance, with a nifty but messy split-screen style in which you move through the environs. The designers apparently still didn't understand the philosophy of keeping the gameplay interface uncluttered at this point.

I summed up my review of the first B.A.T. game here by saying "Way to squander an interesting setting with a thoughtless interface and a crap story", and that goes double for B.A.T. 2. You see all these aliens and cyberpunk freaks randomly walking about and you can chat up all of them, but all they ever say is some generic text blurb on the level of an NES game, hastily crammed down into some tiny word balloon because apparently whatever drug-popping Euro designed this game felt that their "visual aesthetic" was more important than doing shit that made sense to the player. Beyond the overall goal outlined in the painfully long scrolling text introduction, it's still not made clear what the hell you're supposed to be doing at any given point in this game. Even with a manual in hand this time I couldn't make any real progress with it. Games just shouldn't be this much work.

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