TOOTH PROTECTOR / Johnson & Johnson / Atari 2600

A promotional/edutainment game that isn't half bad? Well, for the time and by the 2600 standards anyway. Tooth demons rain down acidic drops at your Tooth Protector, who has to reflect them in a sort of combination of Breakout and Space Invaders. The cool thing is that you can reflect the droplets at an angle by running into them the right way, even bouncing them again off the side of the screen, and often need to use this technique to off a shifty demon. If a demon sticks around to get off enough shots without being hit, he'll stop screwing around and just float down and grab you, taking away a life automatically. Also, the teeth can only take three or four hits from acid, and then they disappear. Lose 'em all, or all of your lives, and it's game over.

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