TELEPATHY / Atari / Atari 2600

I'd call this prototype game "bizarre", but "bizarre" is pretty much par for the course on the 2600. You start out in an interesting first-person perspective level where you pick up a trail of Triforce to pump up your health/timer, which will gradually tick down as the game progresses. You then go through a series of mines, which are actually a collection of various fiendish deathtraps. It's almost like the Wario Ware of the 2600, really, except there's little challenge outside of the swimming levels, where it seems rather arbitrary whether you'll end up getting eaten by a pirahna or not.

Since it was a prototype, you'll likely have to ROM it up. It's pretty much standard 2600 fare - short, repetitive and not much challenge. Does have at least some mildly interesting graphical effects and background music, however.

Videos :

Gameplay Video