PHILLY FLASHER / Playaround / Atari 2600

Normally I'd farm out the Playaround/Mystique Atari 2600 porn games to Groader, but with a name like Philly Flasher, how could I resist? ... well, actually I wish I had, as it turns out it's just a sprite re-draw of their other title Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em. The masturbating doods are on the ground with their faces upturned now, though, and inexplicably clad in tiger pajamas (but still sporting epic pixel boners.) On the roof is a nasty aged witch who ... uh ... dribbles piss droplets, and you can guess the rest I'm sure (ProTip: It's played with the paddle.)

This is just ... I don't even know what to say. Was Playaround staffed by 12 year old boys or something? At least there's something resembling gameplay here, even if it's no fun. But who jerks off to this? Well, given the internet these days, I'm sure somebody did ... I really don't want to know who though.

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