by C. M0use

Just a quick n' dirty sheet with the tactics I used to get through each level.

Keep in mind as you set traps that enemies tend to just follow the left wall around until they either see or hear you. Use this to position traps where they're gonna be.

It's super easy to dodge projectiles by strafing (L and R buttons)


Ardebaran - When the game gives you back control , just face him and wait a second , he'll walk right under a Cage. Trap him , then run over to the cage and hit X to finish him off.

Indorigo - Go back in the room you killed Ardebaron in (assuming there are still Cages hung up in there). Use your body as a lure (this is a common tactic I developed that I'll be referring to throughout this guide - stand justbehind a trap , facing the foe , so that when they run up to strike you they're standing in it's range. As they begin their "swing" animation , set off the trap and move away quickly). It's important to wait for him to begin the swing , or he'll sprint right by the trap while coming after you.

Doneal - It's best to whittle his health down early on when you're supposed to be solving the trap puzzle in the library (wait for him to enter , then drop the Foot and Ball on him as he wanders around). You can just off him in this manner , or set some cages in his path after disposing of Indorigo and try to catch him. Set a few cages though - he dodges them quite a bit.


Jin (Soldier) - See what room he's in , set a crane nearby. Go down there and use your body as a lure to get him into the crane. Finish him off with the X button once he's dangling from the ceiling.

Scuba (Archer) - He usually hangs out in the entryway. Set a crane or two in there , in the open. Go down and strafe around the room , dodging his shots , until he's under a crane and snag him.

Darius - Place a couple cranes around in the open , and just use your body as a lure to get him under 'em.

Dan - Wait until he's in a room isolated from his bud. Set pits in there , if you want to catch him set a crane as well. Use your body as a lure to get him under the traps.

Macadamia - Same story as Dan. Stupid slow pirates.

Saizo - Place cages in an open area , use your body as a lure. If you feel the need to whittle his health , use spikes.

Henry - Stop throwing pots at me you asshole , I wanna buy something! Walk up to him and press X (dodging his pots all the
way) if you want to take this chance to snag a few Herbs. Using your body as a lure isn't effective since he throws crap. So put a pit behind a narrow door , hide in the room and use a Nice Mask to lure him in. When he opens the door and sees you he
should stop and start throwing pots - spring that pit on him. Put a cage nearby to trap him while he's wandering around dizzied.


Red Mage - Should be upstairs by himself , so axe him first. He runs at you when he sees you , and he swings faster than the soldiers , but you can still use your body as a lure against him.Place a pit and a crane in the areas of your choosing. You may want to place two pits since his speed can lead to him running by them. Use your body as a lure to dump him in the pit , then go repeat with the crane.

Clunky the Barbarian - He's the next target. Wait for him to get faaar away from his wife , in an isolated room. Trap the room up with 2 or 3 pits and a crane. Use your body as a lure to dump him in the pits , then snag him in the crane when his health gets low. His health needs to be REAL low , as he breaks traps fast.

Sorceress Chick - Use same technique you used on Henry , except use the Mean Mask or whatever to draw her into your game of
death. Use a Spike or Ton Weight to whittle her , then use a Cage to trap her.


Kain - Just walk up to him. He gets scared and bolts from the castle. Heh.

Pat - Pat the Ninja , eh?  Place 2 spikes and a Cage for Pat , in the area of your liking. Use your body as a lure to draw him under them. Keep in mind he can randomly disappear and reappear nearby. If he disappears , use the Triangle button to look at the map and see where he really is. Pat isn't much of a challenge.

Coolbou - Looks just like the Sorceress from Chapter 3 , and can be taken out the exact same way.


Another Red Mage - Same tactics. Pit and crane , lure him with your body.

Haya the Ninja - And this guy goes down the same way Pat did.


Magic Dolls - Bleh , they shoot shit. I didn't bother with the capture bonus this chapter. Spike behind doorways and wait for 'em. One spike will kill 'em.

White Ant - They poison you if they hit you , and they're fast fast. However spikes also tear them up quickly.

Queen Ant - I spiked the wall all outside of that room she starts in , and waited for her to come out. Just stand behind
your row of traps and wait for her to walk towards you. Spike , spike , spike , she's done. You may need to strafe a little bit to dodge her pellets or whatever.

Doks - ... And I used the same damn strategy on this guy and he fell for it just as hard. He has only 35 HP so 2 spikes should impale him for good.


Big Clonky General Valdez - Argh , it's an ambush! How did this noisy guy sneak up behind you anyway? In the hall you start in , place two pits going away from you and the General , then put a Magnet around the corner. Lure with your body into ze pits , then into ze Magnet. Keep his big clonky corpse for
monster making , go drop it off in the Prison to finish the chapter.


Wizbone - Alright , big important plot point. If you kill him in under 2 mins , Fiona lives and you get different endings. If he's still alive after 2 min. , the fight stops and he automatically teleports to Fiona's room and kills her. Then he comes back out and the battle continues ;) . Took me 2 tries to kill him in under 2 min , not too tough. He starts in the lower right corner of the Entry hall , about to go through the door that leads to the Power Room. Put a Ton Weight right near him. Put a couple of Cages farther back in the Entry Hall. When the action starts , run over and get him to notice you. Stand in his sight and lure him under the weight. If he dodges it , reset , you won't kill him in time , try again. After hitting him , wait for his dizzy to wear off , then lure him under the cages. Trap and kill.May take a couple tries but entirely doable.


Guybrush Threepwood - Don't bother trying to capture this guy. When his HP gets low he'll just say something about "I feel the power of Satan!" and then disappear from the castle. He starts in the library on 1F , and you have to go pop in and talk to him to get him moving. I lined the walls outside the library with pits , had him follow me out , then used my body as a lure to drop him in all of them . Took 4 if I remember correctly. You can also sic a Zombie on him (if you made one) to get the Zombie some EXP.


Psychic Chicks - These 3 are all identical , except one on the bottom floor will try to run out of the castle when she sees you.

There should be one isolated on the top floor. I put Ton Weights around randomly and lured her into 'em. I'd recommend trying to capture her with a Cage as you can use some Psychic corpses for monster making. Now for the other two. I didn't get the one that ran out the castle (wasn't expecting her to do that heh), but I noticed on the way out that she ran along the right-hand wall in the Entryway. So maybe you can set traps there in advance or something. Or , for extra fun , try to exit the castle when she opens the door to run out (I got tossed backwards like a leaf!) For the other one , more Ton Weights and set a Cage or Bear Trap to grab her corpse for later use. Try Spikes if she keeps dodging the weights.


Zamur Clone - This guy should start on the top floor. His spell attack takes a while to charge and is easy to dodge , but don't
get hit with that shit or more than half your health is gone.

This asshole took a long time as he dodges the hell out of most traps. Spikes were the only thing that seemed to work consistently.
Plant 'em just behind doorways and along those narrow passages to the right and lure him with your sexy bod.

I also sicced my Zombie and Werewolf on him to get them some EXP and whittle down his health.

Just kill him , don't bother trying to capture , I don't think it's possible.

Yurias Clone - Throws some weird boomerang that curves off to the right and hardly ever comes near you.  I tried Ton Weights
on him but he threw most of them off. Again , Spikes and Monsters were the only reliable choices. Can't seem to capture
this guy either (probably because they're special characters in the plot).


Fabuki the Ninja - Just spiked him a couple of times then dropped a cage on him.

Kevin the Trap Pro - For being Trap Pros , these guys seem to fall for Pits nearly all the time. Use that , I used
a Magnet to capture but he broke out of it twice before it worked.

Castro the Ninja - Should be all by himself on the bottom floor. If I remember right , he also runs away when he sees you.
I just sicced a couple monsters on him for EXP then let him go. If you want to trap him , just line the Entryway with cages
and cranes and follow him in there and take a shot.


15,000 Cavaliers in a Row - Jeezus , this chapter is long. 3 groups of 4 cavaliers assault you back to back.
These guys are just like Soldiers or Swordsmen , just a tiny bit more powerful. They're also just as easy to lure into
Pits using your body. I captured two with Magnets for later use , but then got tired of that and started just killing them
swiftly with tons of pits. Also could be another good place to train your monsters up.

Anyway this isn't difficult at all due to their dumbness , it's just long and tedious.


Soldier and Fatemaker - You know how to trap these dumb guys by now. Use your body to lure them into pits.
I'd keep the corpses for monster making since you could use both , or you can just off em , whatever you need
at the moment

Digger - Just another guy that can teleport. Basically comparable to a Ninja.  I used Pits , and definetly capture
him with a Magnet or Crane for monster making.

Bomb Pro - Like the Trap Pro but chucks bombs.  Also falls for Pits and Spikes , and I caught him with either a magnet
or a crane (I forget now). Also definetly get this guy for monster making , and so you can lure more later between levels.


Alkeny - Don't set traps on the first floor. When he firsts sees you , he'll teleport to the second floor. Set traps and
prepare to fight him up there. He's just a typical Cleric basically , but I don't think you can Capture him since he's a plot
character.  I just Floor Raise and Spiked him to death. , monsters as always are also welcome.


Bon Bon - This guy should start on the second floor. He's just a typical pirate - Pits and a Fast Crane or Magnet.
It doesn't matter if you show mercy to him or not , you'll lose your bonus anyway due to bad programming. I kept him for
monster making as I happened to need a pirate. What he says to you is your clue on how to end this chapter.

Daccas - Buy stuff if you need , then take care of him in typical Merchant style. Too easy.

Wait , You're Still Roaming Around - The pirate said something to you (in badly translated style) about a treasure.
Go to the first floor , main hall just outside the Entryway. Look at the ceiling. You'll see an object glittering. Put
a Ton Weight at that object's spot on the SECOND floor (should be just outside the strategy room).  Go up and set it off.
Go back downstairs and the object should be dislodged. Look down and pick it up to end the chapter.


Go downstairs to where the two merchants got wasted before you start fighting. There should be a Dark Gem and a Recover laying
on the ground. Snag these up , then head back upstairs to take on Gaza.

Gaza - A typical ninja.  I used Ton Weights and Spikes to damage , and a Vacuum to trap. Easily snagged.


Shadow - Go talk to him in the power room first and watch the cutscene where he goes upstairs. Then go
to the Strategy Room. Now the action begins...

If you want to end this quickly and don't care about experience , stay back from Shadow and use summoned monsters
on him (Graviton seemed to work every time). When he dies , chapter over.

If Shadow gets close enough to talk to you , the scenario restarts with you fighting two of his clones (two generic generals).
As with all big clunky fighters they fall easily for Floor Raise , Pits and the Magnet or Fast Crane.

If you end up fighting the two clones , after they're dispatched Shadow will come back in the mansion. Dispose of him
in the same manner.


Gerhault - Typical General , use typical tactics.

Indigo - Typical Wizard , use typical tactics


Whole Bunch of Motherfuckers - You'll face a bunch of different character classes here , but they;re all basic and all
ones you've seen before , so just use the same good old tactics. I got impatient and just let my monsters shred a few
of 'em ;).


Go to the Strategy Room , and remove the trap in the first floor prison. Then go down there.

Als - He starts right next to you , swinging wildly ;). Duck into the prison and circle around him to get him to stop
clogging up the hallway.  This guy is just a normal soldier , without any extra strength or anything. Dispose of him in normal
soldier style.

Mina - She'll probably blunder in as you're disposing of Als. When she sees you she runs out of the castle FAST. I just let her


You have a choice of going after Erious or Alkeny. I took out Alkeny as he was on the second floor already , less walking for
me ;).  You can't capture him , so I used a Metal Ball and some Poison Spikes to put a swift end to him.

Once you've killed one , Bangel explodes the other one's head.

Bangel - GRRRR this guy dodges traps too much. His beam is nothing to fear , it only did 1 HP of damage to me , but he likes to
just stand in one place and shoot instead of following you (and constantly do his pointless backwards jump for style points).
I just got tired of messing with the fucker and unleashed Megatron on him ;). If you were to capture him , you'll probably need
a Class A trap or to weaken him to near death.


Zamur - Disappears when you get near him. Do this right away to get him out of the picture quickly.

Yurias - Same as before , when you fought his clone. He still has that highly ineffective boomerang that tends to curve off
to the right ;).  I placed poison pits in the center of open rooms (such as the entryway) and waited for him to stand under
them and start shooting away at me. Just kill him , I doubt you can capture him.


Arg , you've travelled 500 years in the past to fight ... the Hero from Quest for Glory?  He has high HP , good defense and
a decent attack. But he moves like every other swordsman and is as easily duped.

The only tough spot is that every 2 minutes (of game time) you'll be kicked back into the present and have to go back thru the
warp. Your traps stay up and his HP stays wherever it was at , so it's just a minor annoyance.

At the strategy part in the beginning put a ton of Poison Pits and Fire Spikes like EVERYWHERE. That way you don't have to
waste time running to the old castle's strategy room to set new traps. This guy will take quite a few hits to go down and
will dodge some of your traps.


ZAMUR - Bring out your very best attack traps and just try to kill him. I used monsters copiously to whittle
his health.


You may not fight in this chapter depending on your choice. Meet up with your ancestor in one of the side rooms of
the old castle. He'll ask what your intentions are. If you choose "Lock up the devil" , he just talks to you a little more
and the chapter ends. If you choose "Ressurect Satan" , the battle's on.  

If you fight him here , handle him just as you did the guy in Chapter 24 (Shilling or whatever). This is a little easier though
as you don't have the stupid 2-minute time limit. Use your best Magic traps on this guy though , he's like the last boss
for you basically.


Again , you may or may not fight depending on your choice here. Zamur jumps you as you re-enter the castle , but Astarte appears
and finishes him off. She then asks you the same question your ancestor asked you.

If you choose to "Revive Satan" , and you killed your ancestor in the last Chapter , just walk to the Altar for the ending.

If you choose to "Revive Satan" , and you DIDN'T kill your ancestor last time out , he'll appear from out of nowhere and kill
Astarte in the Strategy Room. Then , he comes for you. Use your best Magic Traps (and Monster Summons) to off him.

If you choose to "Lock Up" , Astarte fights you on the spot. Watch her big black beam thingie. Run to the Power Room around the
corner and set the new Banish trap near where she is. You don't even have to trigger it - when she walks in it's radius it
grabs her automatically. You still have to walk up and hammer the X button to finish her though.


Depending on what happened in Chapter 8 with Fiana , and the choices you made in 26 and 27 , determines which of the six
endings you'll see...