by C. M0use
originally written 2002
revised significantly 2010

Get the most for your Shenmue dollar!


Shenmue is a neat game. I bagged on it initially for having too many long, tedious stretches (which it does). But the game is also filled with painstaking , almost obsessive levels of detail. More so than anything that came before it by far. And it's a lot more fun to play if you track down the out-of-the-way stuff and secrets planted throughout , rather than just following one story cue to the next.    

Anyway , it's easy to miss over half of what Shenmue has to offer unless you go poking around and do some illogical things. Thus , this guide. Sort of a step by step tour guide to seeing everything there is to see, pretty much. Most of this information is available elsewhere , but I haven't seen it sorted into a linear guide that goes through the game event by event. So, here you go then. Let's get sweaty.


There's a deceptive amount of stuff hidden around Ryo's house. First check Ryo's desk drawers for a cassette player and two tapes - Shenmue and Shen Hua (Shenmue is on top of the desk). Use the cassette player to listen to both , thus unlocking the songs in the Passport soundtrack list.

Ryo's drawz also contain a Photo of Friends. These photos will be collated into a Photo Album if you import into Shenmue 2 , which becomes another collectible type deal.

Leave the room and get your daily 500 yen allowance from Ine-San. You'll get this each day , until you start your docks job on Disc 3. It's not much , but it's free.

You may want to plot out a rough amount of time to spend on finishing this game. It starts on Dec. 3rd , and you have until April 14 at the latest to finish. On the 15th of April , the bad ending kicks in when you wake up. If you aren't gonna import into Shen 2 , run it up to the limit as far as you care. If you ARE gonna import , keep in mind that you'll start Shen 2 21 days after ending this one. You have until June 31st in that game. 2 months is enough time to finish it , but may not be enough time to screw around in that one and see everything. To see everything in this game , you'll need until January at the earliest. If you want to collect all the toys you'll probably need much more than that. I feel a good time to finish this one is in early February. Plenty of time here , and plenty of time in the next one. Keep in mind there is an optional side-quest in Shenmue 2 that requires you to start it prior to February 28th, however. It's a creepy side quest, so I personally don't worry about it, and you only get one collectible item out of it, which appears to be useless now that there's zero chance of a Dreamcast Shenmue 3.

Go down the far hall all the way , to the last room on the left. This is Iwao's room. Look at the letter on the desk to read  Iwao's final letter to Ryo. Hmm , seems he knew his time was coming......

Exit Iwao's room through the other door. Opposite end of this short hall should be a wicker basket. Open it to find a move scroll , the Twin Blades. Remember to Use the scroll in your inventory to acquire the move.

There's a bunch of stuff around that you can get now , but don't use until later. Iwao's desk contains an old key. There are matches and candles in the altar room drawers. There's also a flashlight in the drawer underneath the phone , in the entryway.

You can look at the food on the table in the kitchen to trigger a flashback of Iwao. This may not be available until Day 2 though , I can't remember. There should also be some milk in the fridge you can grab , and some dried fish near the stove. You'll put these to use in a bit.

Head outside and hang a hard left around the house to the dojo. Stand under the cherry tree to get another flashback. Chat with Fuku-san in the dojo , then focus on the scroll on the left wall for yet another flashback of dad. I think both of these flashbacks have to be seen the first or second day, or they'll be missed.

If you look up at the "Eight Principles" scroll in the dojo, Ryo will remark, "I can't reach!" Look at the stool over to the right and press A, and he'll drag it over. There's a move scroll hidden behind it, but it's in Chinese. You won't be able to get this translated until Disc 3.

You can call Nozomi on the phone. You can do this throughout the game to have brief and goofy conversations with her, usually terminated by her salty grandmother. I've tried calling Naoyuke several times throughout the day, but he always seems to be out.

There's also a Sega Saturn hidden under the TV , but you can't use it until you acquire some games.

That's about it for the Hazuki Household for now. It's probably around noonish by the time you're done searching. Head on out the gate for a Post Meridian constitutional.


This is a tiny area , with very little to do over the course of the game except for the optional Kitty Quest. Right now, just talk to the little girl in the shrine area (Megumi) to learn that the black car sped towards Sakuragaoka (where else would it have gone ... there's only one street!).


This is totally optional , and gets you nothing at all in this game except a lighter wallet and a few short extra cutscenes. However , it's pretty easy to do. When you talk to Megumi for the first time , there's a kitty in a cardboard box with a broken leg. Feed it some dried fish from the shrine , and you can begin this quest. All you have to do is feed the cat each day that it's not sleeping or missing - either with milk , dried fish , canned tuna, salami or squid legs. Squid legs are the most economical at 90 yen for a pack of three, but I tended to go with Dried Fish (300 yen for 4) which is a tiny bit more expensive but easier to pick up as it's at all the Tomato Marts. It's best to feed the dumb thing in the morning as you run past to do whatever each day. After awhile , you'll get various cutscenes - first the kitty goes missing , and you'll have to find it across the street at the apartment complex (down the steps near Ryo's house entrance - they're kinda hard to spot). Then its leg heals and there is much rejoicing , but I think you have to keep feeding it anyway until Megumi announces that she's taking the cat home. This whole deal takes about a month , and you need to complete it before you start your docks job in disk 3. You get a big fat nothing in return , other than the two or three aforementioned scenes. You can also check the kitty's current health at any given time via the Passport disc.

If you import your saved game to Shenmue 2, at the very very end of that game, there's a bit of optional dialogue you can have that changes a bit depending on whether the kitty eventually got adopted or not. Shenmue's little detail never ceases to amaze me.


This is the small residential area past Yamanose. Your first quest here is to speak to the gibbering ladies by the phone booth. They will point you to the neighborhood gossip , who is out sweeping on the street nearby. Hang right , and you'll undoubtedly be distracted by the Abe Store and your first Capsule Toy and Soda Machines.


The main attraction here is the raffle , which has prizes that cannot be gotten anywhere else. To participate in the raffle , you can buy a snack (chocolate , potato chips or caramel). You can't use these items for anything but they are a cheap way to get a raffle ticket. The other way to get tickets here is to redeem Winning Cans , which you can get at the Soda Machines (see upcoming Soda Machine section). The raffle prizes are as follows -

Grand Prize) Dural Gold
1)Dural Silver
2)Mr Yukawa Happy figurine
3)Mr Yukawa Suit Figurine
4)choice of r-360 , Space Harrier , Rent A Hero , or Bonanza Bros. figurines
5)random low-value capsule toy

A note about Mr. Yukawa - if you get the two figurines, apparently later in the game, he appears at the soba shop. In the U.S. version, you can't interact with him, but in the Japanese version, apparently you can talk to him. You don't get anything from him either way, it's just an Easter Egg.

Mr. Yukawa is also the only set of toys here that absolutely cannot be obtained by any means in Shenmue 2.


Soda machines are all over the place. Each soda is 100 yen a pop , and regardless of what you buy you get a 25% chance of getting a Winning Can. Winning Cans can be used at Abe or the Tomato stores for a free raffle ticket. They also used to do something at Shenmue Online, I think downloading character art, but that died out a couple years ago. The soda itself does nothing but give you a animation of Ryo drinking it and making funny faces. Oooehh!


The first capsule toy machines are outside Abe Store. Each contains a different set of toys. There's no point to collecting them other than to see them in your inventory and on Passport , or to bring them into Shenmue 2 (complete sets sell for decent bucks there , as do the rarer ones ... you can also sell singles for a couple of bucks.) Sonic and Virtua Fighters are the ones outside of Abe.

What you get is random , though there are lower chances of getting some of the rarer ones. You'll know a rarity when you get it (Ryo shouts "Great!" or something like that).

Sonic Set - Sonic 1 , Sonic 2 , Tails , Knuckles , Bark , Bean , Fang , Amy , Espio , Eggman (Eggman, Knuckles and Amy seem to be the rarities in this set. You also need Super Sonic and Metal Sonic which are 4th prizes in one of the Tomato store raffles , but this is still on the whole the easiest set to assemble. All of these are still available in Shenmue 2)

Virtua Fighters Set - Akira 1, Akira 2 , Jacky 1 , Jacky 2 , Sarah 1 , Sarah 2 , Lau 1, Lau 2 , Pai 1 , Pai 2 , Wolf 1 , Wolf 2 , Jeffry 1 , Jeffry 2 , Kage 1 , Kage 2 , Wooden man (You'll also need the two Durals from the Abe Store 1st Prize for a complete set. Good Ruck. All are available in Shenmue 2, and if you don't import your game, you actually start with just about all of this set except the rarities.)


Before you can get to the sweeping chick , you'll prolly be accosted by an old woman looking for a certain house (Yamamoto.) I think this is just some gimmick to get you used to using first person view to lock onto things. Anyway , the house she wants is across from the park where she's waiting, you can get its exact location from any of the street maps around.


Now you can talk to the gossipy chick, who tells you that an old guy down the street almost got hit by the car. Go to his house , he's in the yard behind a fence (to the right of the Abe Store as you face it). He tells you the car sped towards Dobuita (naturally , since there's only two roads and they both go there....)

I think you may be able to go into Dobuita now , but let's save some excitement for tomorrow. It's prolly getting sort of late anyway. You may want to play with stuff but I'd advise saving your money for the moment, you're about to need a bunch of it. Head back to the house , and to the dojo.


When you have time to kill and don't feel like spending money, work on building up your moves. This can be done here in the dojo, at any park except the tiny one in Dobuita (as long as no one is in the park at the time) , the empty parking lot in Dobuita , and warehouse #4 (once you get to the docks). The empty parking lot is the most reliable throughout the game, as you always have access to it, and no one is ever in it.

Certain moves are more practical to train than others. If the move requires complex button presses and you can't see pulling it off quickly in normal combat , don't bother with it. Work up the basic kick and punch to maximum first. These are very useful here , and absolutely necessary in Shenmue 2. Kick moves seem more effective in general in this game, whereas the basic punch is highly effective in Shenmue 2.

You can teach yourself some of the blocked-out moves by performing them. Back-forward X and Back-Forward A were two of them. I think the others just appeared mysteriously for me somehow. Oh well.

After training basic punches and kicks , I'd max out Trample Kick (forward + X). Actually , all the simple moves (Forward/Backward + X/A) are good , since you'll use them the most in combat. The only one I wouldn't bother with too much is the Side Reaver or whatever it was (the low kick that uses Back+A) - reason being , this move will get replaced in Disc 3 and the new move will start out back at the bottom , so it's a waste. The tap back , tap forward + X kick is also useful as a quick unexpected distance attack. The L+A move is great for quickly clearing out a crowd when you start with enough separation, and when you do the 70-man free battle later in the game, you can spam it repeatedly to knock the weaker punks out in one blow as they run up to you.


Go to bed before 11 PM. You can stay up until 11: 30 , but then you get some mumbly lecture from Ine-san in the morning. Before bed , you can set your Training focus. You gain a little in each move overnight. Focusing on a particular set makes them gain a little more at the expense of the others. I'd set the focus to Throw moves , since you get the least opportunities to train those (doing Throw moves by yourself in a park or the lot accomplishes nothing). Don't set it to any one specific , just let the Throw group train up. After about ten days they should all be well into the Moderate ranking.


In the morning head out to the dojo to find Fuku-san. You'll learn the Pit Blow move from him. Then you can spar. You can spar with him out here almost every morning until Disc 3. It's one of the only consistent ways to train throw moves , so go for it. The best way to throw is to get close and anticipate the attack , then press Y to dodge up or down and grab while they're still in their punch/kick animation.

If you choose to undertake Kitty Quest it begins in earnest this morning. Feed the little bastard with the milk you snagged from the fridge. I won't remind you to do this every morning from now on , but the mewling as you run by should remind you to pop in and feed the thing. I don't think there's a penalty for forgetting to feed it, it might just take longer to conclude overall. Also, if "kitty is sleeping!", that means you don't need to feed it that day. When its leg heals, it also wanders off randomly for the day sometimes, don't worry about finding or feeding it that day either.

Not much to do in Sakuragaoka right now , just head through to Dobuita.


There are two ways into town. Right of the Abe Store is a road that takes you to the far end of Dobuita , down near the You Arcade and the bus stop. Left of the store takes you to the other end , where most of the shops are. Head left on this first day to get a QTE event where you have to press A for Ryo to avoid being hit in the face by a kickball.

Run down the main street , you should see Nozomi (girl in the odd combo of a turtleneck sweater and plaid skirt) on the right outside a flower shop. This is the cute chicky that would be Ryos girlfriend if he wasn't such a chump. Talk to her - she got mud splashed on her by the speeding car. She says that farther down the road , Tom the hot dog guy had words with the driver of the car.

Run farther down main street. Tom is hard to miss , he's the dancing fool with the dreadlocks. Talk to him a couple of times to get him to fess up about the car , and that he saw Lan Di in the back. What the hell is the deal with Tom anyway. Is he supposed to be Jamaican? Indian? Mixed? Why do his dreads look like he taped giant pipe cleaners to his head? Who knows.

Anyway Tom suggests that since the men were Chinese , you find Chinese people around town. Because all ethnicities know exactly what members of their same race are doing at all times , you see. Well if we look at the street map there's an Aiiji Chinese Restaurant right nearby. However you'll probably encounter a brief and easy QTE with a couple of dork punks before getting there (this occurs near the Tomato store if you're looking for it).

Before you get started on the Chinese quest however - this is one of the places in the game where delaying allows you to find some hidden side stuff. Go to Suzumi Park at this point, and there should be an old guy there that teaches you Double Blow. Some guides (including this one previously) say that you must have all 6 moves from Bunkado Antiques first, but it turns out that's BS, I just got it with no scrolls whatsoever.

You've also undoubtedly passed Tomato Store and been drawn by its colorful lights and chipper music. Go ahead and check it out. I would hold off on buying anything right at the moment , however , since you're low on cash after all those moves and you'll need what you have for some story events coming up. You can pick up Dried Fish for the kitty here , as well as snacks for their raffle (which has different prizes) and cassette tapes.


Advantages - There are some pretty good tunes , and some that you can only hear through cassettes (thus unlocking them in the Passport soundtrack). You also get a free raffle drawing with each one.

Disadvantages - At 300 yen a pop they're kind of expensive. And you can't take them with you to Shenmue 2. The price is kinda a big deal until Disc 3 , where you'll be rolling in the dough. But the cassette selection is rotated at the stores every week or so , so there's a couple you have to snag real soon if you want to collect them. This may mean killing a couple days idly to save up your allowance. It's not that hard to get them though , even on a limited budget.

I say go ahead and get em. It's nice to have the soundtrack unlocked , plus you'll probably blow as much on wasted raffle draws anyway.


1) Boom Box (gets sent to your desk at home automatically if you win. Blast tapes at home w/out draining battery power)
2) Hang On and Space Harrier (can now play these free at home on the Saturn)
3) Cassettes - Hang On , Space Harrier , Final Takeoff and Magical Sound Shower (I think this is the only way to unlock Magical Sound Shower in Passport, the others can be heard in the arcade. Final Takeoff is on the jukebox there.)
4) Toys - BB Ultra , Hot Dog Truck , Metal Sonic , Super Sonic
5) random low-value capsule toy


Head to Aiiji Chinese. The chef who sounds oddly like Liquid Snake instructs you to seek the Three Blades , the three main professions for Chinese settling in new countries. The quickest way to end all this is to just go to the patch stand from here. However , if you wait around for Manpuken Ramen to open at 5 , you can get some extra scenes. Either way , you'll wind up being sent to Liu barber. Barber Liu doesn't know , but refers you to his dad in Suzuki park. His dad thinks it sounds like Chinese gangsters , and there's a cartel down at the harbor that's pretty big. He advises you to ask the local sailors about it.


And now , for the most unintentionally hilarious quest in the game.

You can go directly to the source , but it's more fun to question random pedestrians about your sailor needs.....

Well , where would you expect sailors on a stop in port to be? Yeah, boozin it up. Head down that seedy street near the Tomato mart after 5 PM and look for the Yokosuka Bar. The guy in there refers you to MJQ and Heartbeats.

MJQ has no sailors , but there's a mini game here that potentially can be very expensive. You have to bet the guys at the pool table a bourbon (1000 yen) that you can land a trick shot. Tap 17 times to the right to land the shot. If you went in not knowing this, you'd probably miss and now be out 1000 bucks for nothing. If you land it , they just tell you they're not sailors. Whee. Starting the next night you can come back and try more trick shots for free, but you get nothing for it.

Heartbeats is near the Slot House , down some stairs. The game won't let you in there until this point in the quest. Gotta be after 7 PM as well , I believe. There's also a QTE here which features Zombie Guy and his buddy Mike Tyson , who you will become acquainted with throughout the game. You can actually do this QTE any time prior to this, but until you're at this point in the story, the bar guy won't let you inside!

There's yet another QTE inside Heartbeats where Ryo smashes up the bar and gets info about a shady guy named Charlie.


The next day after this , there's a free battle that you're guaranteed to miss unless you know about it in advance. Go to  Sakuragaoka Park at 7 PM. Some punk kids are harassing Nozomi, and Ryo gets to knock em out. Good place to practice dodging and throw moves.


Talk to the shopkeepers on the main drag. They all know Charlie as the asshole that wanders around being obnoxious , but noone knows how to actually find him. When you've talked to enough people , after 7 PM you can go near the You Arcade and Mike Tyson from last night approaches you and offers to lead you to Charlie. Instead he leads you to the parking lot and attempted gang rape. This is another easy free battle in which to practice moves on weak punks. After the battle, Zombie Guy tells you Charlie lives at a tattoo parlor, but he doesn't know where it is exactly.

I'm not sure if this has to be done during the Charlie Quest, but you can also get referred to Nagai Industries by a number of people. I'm not sure if this has to happen for it to open, but I only got in there during the Charlie quest, and after 3 pm. Inside is just a bunch of friendly gangsters with funny voices hanging out. It's worth a stop just for that, but it also has special music for Passport, and you get some new notebook notes too. Talk to the main gangster, and another gangster will tell you who Charlie is and that he hangs out in Dobuita near the jacket shops at night.


Yeah , I'm just now mentioning the Game You arcade . This was intentional , as if you've been buying move scrolls then you're probably next to broke and can't afford any good times. But we might as well cover this place now. Space Harrier and Hang On are in here , at 100 yen a play. Rack up 10 million points in one credit , and you get miniatures of them. Beat them in one credit and you get a token for each. There are also a few other games. QTE Event and QTE Title , which you need to get 300k+ points to win miniatures of. Darts is the easiest to win a miniature , at only 300 points , but you have to do it here. The other darts machines won't give you squat. There's also two capsule toy machines outside - Virtua Fighter Kids , and the Sega collection.


I'd say getting all of these is the most frustrating part of the game, and personally, I skipped Space Harrier and Excite QTE. I'll list them in order from easiest to hardest -

DARTS - Only requires something like 300 points, so it's quite doable on the first try. My technique is to not move the hand at all, just let it drift across the middle, and wait for it to line up with the bullseye. Don't worry about the time bonus, it's peanuts compared to getting 20-50 per shot, just wait on the hand to drift to the center. If you score 200 points in the first set, you get a free second set, and if you get 400 points in that, you get a free third set of throws.

EXCITE QTE TITLE - This is the boxing one with the rude voice. It only uses 3 buttons, and the move sequences are the same every time, so it's not too bad after a few practice runs. I advise using your right thumb to cover the B and A buttons and your left to cover the X, however, as when you hit about 260,000 points, the game suddenly requires you to start pressing X+B at the same time, and if you're holding the pad in the standard grip, it's usually too slow to shift your grip to where you can do that.

EXCITE QTE - This one also has the same move sequence every time, but the Expert mode is so fast, it almost doesn't matter. Also, it takes friggin forever to score 300,000 points on this, as you'll reach Expert when you've only scored about 120,000. If you really have to complete this, I'd recommend making a recording on an ipod or voice recorder or something, timed to say the next moves just before they pop up. Then you can have your fingers in position a second early. I wasn't dedicated enough to do that, though, just a random idea.

HANG-ON - With some practice, Hang-On is actually doable. In the course of completing the game on one credit, you should score over 10 million, so you'll get the token and the miniature at the same time. The best advice I can give is go easy on the gas at sharp corners and when the other bikers pop up, slowing up a little is better than crashing. Basically, one crash and you won't have enough time to finish overall.

SPACE HARRIER - Ugh. Hard game to finish on one credit. I couldn't do it. Only advice I can give is maybe watch a Pootube run of it, as I think the enemies come out in the same set pattern every time. The score to get the miniature should only require you to get to about level 7, however.


VIRTUA FIGHTER KIDS - Kids Akira 1 and 2, Kids Jacky 1 and 2, Kids Jeffry 1 and 2, Kids Kage 1 and 2, Kids Lau 1 and 2, Kids Lion 1 and 2, Kids Pai 1 and 2, Kids Sarah 1 and 2, Kids Shun Di 1 and 2, Kids Wolf 1 and 2. The rarities seem to be Kids Dural Clear, Gold and Silver. All are still available in Shenmue 2, and in fact the Kids Dural Gold and Silver are waaaay easier to get there.

SEGA - Alex Kidd, Aida II, Chao & Pian, Chicken Leg, Goba Beach, Mobo, Myau, NiGHTS 1 and 2, Poppors, Ristar, Robo, Ruber, Shop, Solo Wing, Try-Z.
Rarities are Dreamcasko, Gear-O, Megadra Brother, and Sataro.

This is the most pain-in-the-ass set due to having 4 extreme rarities, and not only that, but the rarities cannot be obtained at all in Shenmue 2. So if you want them, you have to grind it out here.

*UPDATE* - The four rarities apparently don't transfer into Shenmue 2 anyway.


Let's ask Ono-san , since he's kinda scuzzy and lives in a bad part of town (he's the guy in denim fixing the bike near Heartbeats). He says some bikers who hang out at the arcade have tattoos. That would be the two punks who are sitting at the cocktail game. Talk to Joe Grumbly on the right - fatboy on the left just keeps telling you that he WILL hurt you. Agree to join their stupid gang and they point you to Okayame Heights to get a tattoo. You can opt not to join their gang, but they'll stop talking to you after that. If you go that way, go instead to the Yokosuka Bar and ask the bartender there, he'll point you to Okayame Heights.

Okayame Heights is the apartments over by the bars in the scuzzy part of town. Head up to the second floor and - hey , there it is , with a big sign on the door and everything. Stroll in and get ready for a quick QTE with Charlie.

Charlie sets up a meeting for 3 PM tomorrow at the arcade. Ryo lets him go on his word. Ryo is a naive boy , but there's nothing we can do.

You run into Nozomi outside in an automated cutscene.

Then head back to the Dojo at home. Spar with Fuku and throw him around. Then there's a cut scene with him and Ine-san where you get a letter all in Chinese, addressed to your father.

Eat up the rest of the day as you please. I recommend training vigolously at the Dojo.


Teh next day....

Head towards Dobuita. There's a cutscene along the way where Ryo gets jumped by Charlie + thugs. It's a big free battle with more easy punks. Also a small QTE afterwards. Note that the 3 PM arcade meeting is now off :)


Here's the other hidden free battle , which again you'll miss if you didn't know about it prior. You have to have found the first hidden battle to do this one. After 7PM on this day , go to Wakaba Apartments (over by Game You) to fight the punk kids again. It's down that little street with the small park on one side, up the steps, then hang a left instead of turning right to Sakuragaoka.


There's two ways to do this - the easy way or the irritating way.

Irritiating Way - Run all over Dobuita and Sakuragaoka looking for the little Chinese boy you just saved , who strolls around randomly. He'll bring you to his mom at Russiya China Shop who can translate the letter.

Easy Way - Go to Aiiji Chinese. Useless Chef can't translate it , but Wong the delivery boy is studying Kanji and maybe he can. Wong is over by the soda machine near the exit to Sakuragaoka. When you run by you go into a cut scene with him asking you to buy him a soda. You may have encountered this previously and wondered what the hell the point was. If you have , guess what , you get to buy him ANOTHER drink. This time Ryo hands over the letter , and he can't read it but feels sure that his teacher can. His teacher is the lady at the Russiya China Shop.

So either way you wind up at Russiya , the lady thanks you for saving the kid and translates the letter. It says to call a Master Chen for help. OK then.


Head back home around 7 PM - 8 PM.  The phone should ring , and it's Nozomi. This triggers an automatic cutscene where you can watch Ryo be an unsuave dork.


Go back to the home phone , and call the number in excruciatingly slow rotary style. Some mumbly guy demands "FATHER'S HEAVEN" and you get a bunch of replies. Or maybe "MOTHERS EARTH". Well , if you paid attention to the letter the responses are obvious. Then he says Warehouse #8 and hangs up. WTF? Well , I guess you need to go to Ware House Number 8 then.


The next day , hit the streets.

Nozomi suggests a reverse lookup , but if you try it it doesn't work. This one is kind of obscure , there's a phone book sitting on the desk at the tobacco shop WAAAAY down past the Game You at the end of the street. Look in that to look up the area code. It's Amihama , but Ryo doesn't know how to get there. Question Tom down the street. He tells you the bus goes there , mon. You can now officialy start using the bus to go to the Docks area. Once you step on the bus , Disc 2 begins.


Enter the docks and head straight. You encounter an easy QTE with some dumb bullies.

Follow the convenient signs on the ground to find Warehouse #8

As you run towards it , you should encounter a bum getting tossed out of a warehouse. He asks for coffee. If you're a Republican you'll just have to grit your teeth and open your wallet, as there's no button to give the bum a lengthy lecture about how you shouldn't have to pay taxes to keep him alive. This pays huge dividens though and is a necessary part of the plot.

You'll easily find #8 with the help of the ground signs.

The goofy guards at the front tell you you can't come in though.

Go around back to find convenient crate near a window. Push the smaller crate over to hop up. Note that if a guard wanders by he totally doesn't care what you're doing.

Wander over to the windows on the far right. You overhear some guys talking about the OTHER Warehouse #8 , in the old district. Ahhhhh.

There's an alternate way to do this that eats up more time, but is more amusing. Don't go around back and climb in the window, just turn and go home. Come back the next day and you get an automated cut scene with Goro where he offers to help. He punks out the security guards giving Ryo a chance to sneak in through the front!

Random pedestrians can point you to the old warehouse district , if you don't know where it is. Tom's Hot Dog stand is also parked nearby.

Argh , it's guarded. Ryo deduces he'll have to wait for night and sneak in.


Here's the best way to kill time until night.

Go back towards the entrance , toward the Hokohoku lunch stand.  You'll see a cut scene of some rebellious schoolgirl. The lunch counter girl asks you to go talk to her. Head towards where you bought the old bum coffee , and go farther past that. You get in a QTE battle with .... evil schoolgirls?


Need to kill some more time? Check out the harbor lounge and convenience store. They have a raffle which is the same as Dobuita Tomato , but with different 4th prizes - rare harbor toys. There's also a different selection of cassettes. And there's a dart machine , and three capsule toy machines. Excited Sega is the same one as outside Game You , but the other two are new - Vehicles and Harbor Toys

Vehicle List -
  • Bus
  • Coupe 1
  • Coupe 2
  • Coupe 3
  • Coupe 4
  • Coupe 5
  • Delivery Moped
  • Hang On 1
  • Hang On 2
  • Hang On 3
  • Hang On 4
  • Hang On 5
  • Motor Scooter
  • Wagon 1
  • Wagon 2
  • Wagon 3
  • Wagon 4
Hang On G is the lone rarity here

Harbor List

  • Anchor
  • Container
  • Forklift
  • Float
  • Shenmue Container
  • Steering Wheel of Ship
  • Truck 1
  • Truck 2
  • Truck 3
  • Truck 4
  • Wooden Crate
Shenmue Container and Forklift are the rarities in this set. Note that Forklift is not the same as Red and Blue Forklifts that you get from the raffle here, which are all also different from the Forklifts 1-5 you'll get later as prizes in the Forklift Race.

Also be sure to pop into the little cafeteria next door. There's nothing to do in there, but it has a unique piece of music for Passport.


If you go back to Hokowhatever Lunch Counter at this point, the lady asks for help with her delivery. Do so and you learn from the gate guards that there's only two guards on duty between 8 and 9 pm.

There's a crack left open in the gate , and a small QTE as you go through.

If you want to see the Bad Ending , save a separate game here. This is the best place to waste game days. Just keep failing the QTE over and over. I think you can just put the controller down and wander off or something. Bad Ending is also a Passport unlockable item, if you're going for total completion of it.

Once inside you have to avoid being seen by guards. If you go in after 9 PM there are three guards on patrol instead of two, but it's not hard to get around them. You can press A at the corners to peep around them in Solid Snake style , use this technique to your advantage.

Once inside #8 , you can head upstairs to make Ryo knock on the office door in dorky style. To proceed , look at the plate on the shelves downstairs in first person view. Press A to grab it. Cut Scene Happen.


On the way back to your house , Gui Zhang steps out to test your skills. Just fight it up, you can't lose.

Head back to the Dojo for a cutscene with Fuku-san and Ine. Ine tells you that your father had something held at the antique store downtown.

Go to Bunkado Antiques. You get a sword handguard.

Go to the dojo. Move the scroll on the left (the one that triggered a cutscene before).

Move the scrolls on the wall opposite the entryway. There's a slot on one shaped like the handguard. Hmm. The other one is a slot. Open that long box on the floor with the crusty key from Iwao's desk. Hmm , a sword. I wonder how to solve this complex puzzle.

Down in the hidden basement , it's all dark. Use the Flashlight , it should hold out long enough to do everything you need. You can also light candles around the room , and replace the stubby ones with one from your inventory. Candles also sell for $1 in Shenmue 2, incidentally.

There's a bunch of stuff down here. A book near the floor has an old leaf in it you can get. There's a pic of your dad and some unknown guy as well. There's also a move scroll on the shelves , but it's in Chinese. Finally , the mirror. Look in the big mirror and see a sign on the table in an odd place. Look at the floor and zoom in on the deep gouges. Move the table. Zoom in on the off-colored spot on the wall. Grab the Axe across the room to smash it open. De de de de de de de de! (Zelda secret music). You've found the Mirror.

You can now call the warehouse and arrange another meeting , though I'd wait until tomorrow personally.


Call and arrange the meeting , then head for Dobuita.

You can take the Mirror around to a couple places to get bonus cut-scenes (unlocked in Passport as well). Bring it to Bunkado and Russiya to get some interesting info.


Around this time, start making it a point to visit Yokosuka Bar just after 7 pm each night. Progress the plot a bit more if you go a couple nights without it happening. You'll see an automated cut scene where the slutty hostess tells you that Fuk-San called and you have friends waiting for you at home. You'll automatically return home to have a chat in the lounge with Naoyuke and that other dood in the yellow jacket, who sort of try a halfassed intervention. Ryo blows them off as usual.


Head back to Warehouse #8. If you called that day , the guard lets you in. You'll get a 1-button easy QTE. After that they suggest that Lan Di is probably already back in Hong Kong , and they're not going to help you because he'll just rip you a new one.

Go home. Ryo consults his bankbook. Heeyyyyy - he's been holding out on us. There's like 40,000 yen in there! Head for Dobuita to see about the price of travel.

The only travel agency on the map is Global , right across from Tom. You get a brochure - 198,000 yen! ouch , man. Head back home to consult with Fuku-san.

Fuku cracks open his piggybank for you. However he only has 38k yen to contribute. Leaving you with 78k.

You go to ask Ine-san , but Fuku spills the beans that the trip is for revenge and not banging cheap hookers. Ine forbids it.

Fuku then suggests that Nozomi travels alot , and may know a cheaper alternative.

Nozomi suggests a boat trip , but Global doesn't sell those.

Hmm. If you look around , there's a sketchy travel agency across from Nozomi (you have to focus on the door to see the name - it's not listed on the street map). Try Asia Travel for your travel needs.

They sell boat tickets for 69,000 yen. The sketchy chick there takes your money , gives you no receipt , doesn't even ask your name , and tells you to come back in 4 hours or so. Ryo , being Ryo , just strolls out.

Go practice moves or play games for 4 hours. Notice Ryo has no thought of returning the extra 9000 yen back to Fukusan.

You come back and surprise , the girl is gone. You've been ripped off. Ryo becomes disgruntled and three dudes jump him , but he whoops them all (not a QTE , just some cinema).

You get an appointment for the arcade at 12 noon tomorrow to pick up your ticket. Cripes Ryo , I know you're just a kid ,but shouldn't you have learned about trusting hoodlums to keep their word by now?!

Next day , you can go to the arcade as early as 11. Hmm , it's creepily dark and quiet in here. Suddenly..... YAHAHAHAHAHA! Chai the Crackhead jumps you and you enter a battle.

The designers didn't intend for you to win this , but you can. It just takes a ton of patience. My strategy for Chai is to let him edge near and start an attack , then use the Trample Kick to boot him comically across the room. He telegraphs most of his moves , making it easy to boot him before he strikes. However occasionally he does his instantaneous elbow rush and sneaks a hit on you. But for the most part it's a solid winning strategy. It just takes awhile.

If you lose , you lose a day recovering from your injuries. If you win , you find the arcade owner tied up behind his desk, and continue on with the day normally.

Your quest for the ticket finally ends back at Asia Travel. Chase the scruffy dude down in a QTE that is actually kinda challenging for a change. He finally tells you that Chai is a Mad Angel , a gang that works the docks. If you work there , you'll undoubtedly run into them. Ryo decides to go get a job down there. So ends Disc 2.


Most of Disc 3 will be you working at the docks. However , once you start this job , you lock out certain side things for good (you're stuck at the docks all day , many places are closed by the time you get home). So , make sure you've done the following things before going back down there :

* Wait past Christmas and New Years. The city gets all festive and decorated for them , and there are 3 new songs you can get for Passport that are only available on these days.

* See Nozomi Park Scene #2 , which occurs just after Xmas. Go by You Arcade at night and some annoying girl will stop you. Go to the park in Sakuragaoka and Nozomi is crying there.

* Get the Stab Armor scroll and Mysterious Scroll translated. Call Warehouse #8 any time of day, then go over there. (I think you may still be able to do this on your lunch breaks or after work once the forklift job starts though, using the pay phone at the harbor entrance)

* Get all the raffle stuff you can from Abe Store. This will never be open again while you're home.

* Finish up Kitty Quest if you're in the middle of it. It's over when Megumi takes the cat home. If she hasn't adopted it by the time you start your job, it automatically runs away.

* Unlock all the tunes for Passport - stop into places like Bob's Pizza, Nagai Industries etc. that have unique music but don't really serve any purpose. Just go in all the stores once to get all the tunes unlocked in Passport. Also check all the jukeboxes around.

* If you want to beat any challenges at the arcade , it's still open to you after starting work , but you have little time to use it at night. It's easier to do this stuff when you have the whole day to yourself.

* You can no longer train with Fuku San after starting work. Also , if you're aiming to get most or all of your moves way up there , it's a lot easier to do it before starting work. Your time for practice will be limited once at the docks.

Things you don't need to worry about , and indeed would be better off waiting to do (as working will get you a pile of money) - collecting all the capsule toys , the raffles at Tomato Mart , playing the Slot machines.


I wasn't sure where to put this section, since it might be best to be playing the slots all the way from the beginning of the game. But at this point, you should decide whether you want to take them on while you still have all day, or whether you want to use the warehouse loot to your advantage but have a much narrower time window to play.

Here's the basics of how the slots work - skip to the next paragraph if you know how to play already. You cash in anywhere from 100 to 1000 yen for tokens. Once you have some tokens, you can't buy any more tokens until you've exhausted your current supply, and 1000 yen is the max you can spend at one time (which gets you 200 tokens.) You also can't exchange tokens back for yen - once bought, they're only good for the slot house. When you walk out of the place, the slot dude will automatically take them and hold them for your next visit. There's four types of machines - they all play the same and have the same odds, just with different minimum bets and payouts. There's a 1-coin, 5-coin, 10-coin and 20-coin. You can bet up to 5x the minimum on each machine, which gets you up to four extra "lines" on the slot screen on which symbols can be counted as winners. In the context of this game, it makes the most sense to bet the maximum on every play, since the primary goal is triple 7s, and those usually don't come neatly down the middle. If playing that way, the minimum bet for each table is thus 5x the displayed value - the 1-coin table takes 5 coins per play, the 20-coin table actually takes 100 coins per play, etc.

The only point to this place is to get capsule toys for getting *the same color* 7s in a row (multicolor just gets you a decent amount of tokens), and to get certificates for winning 10,000 and 50,000 tokens. Each type of machine gives you a different toy for getting the triple 7s - it's cherries for the 1-coin, billiards for the 5-coin, something I forgot offhand for the 10-coin, and a jukebox for the 20-coin. Despite what I said here previously, slot tokens apparently DO carry over magically somehow to Shenmue 2.

The deal with the triple 7s is that you're supposed to go to Lapis fortuneteller early in the day, have her "please tell me the gamble", and then she gives you a "lucky number" which corresponds to the number of the slot machine you're supposed to play. When she DOES give you a number, that machine will EVENTUALLY hit a triple 7 of the same color, if you play it long enough. But I mean *long enough* - it can take 5 to 10 game-hours of ups and downs before you hit. The "luck" seems to hold past the initial hit, though, so you can get multiple capsule toys, and pile up a bunch of tokens while you're hot.

There's numerous things that complicate this, though. One is that Lapis doesn't always give you a number. Sometimes she says something like "I see no change in your path." No one is really sure if that means that the same number she gave before is still good. I think it is, because she told me that two days after I initially consulted her (and had already hit triple 7s on that particular machine), and I went on another epic tear on that same machine getting like 5 cherries and amassing about 6000 tokens in the space of a few hours. But I'm still not 100% sure that wasn't blind luck. Other times she'll just say something like "The ball shows nothing." It seems to be reliant on plot advancement somehow - if she's "seeing nothing", and you go hit the next major story cue, often she has a new number when you come back.

Another problem - she usually seems to give you the 1-coin numbers. That's fine at first when you still need a Cherry, and to amass some tokens for the more spendy machines, but eventually you need to move on, yet she keeps giving you numbers to the cheap-o machines. I really don't know if you can hit same-color triple 7s on a machine she hasn't "blessed" - I've tried it repeatedly on several, putting in eight or so game-hours at a time, and never had any luck. It might just be really rare, it might not be possible. Who knows. Well, Sega knows, I guess.


Go to the docks , walk around. You'll get a cut scene with Goro where he promises to arrange a job for you. Come back the next day to Warehouse #1 at noon. You'll be re-directed to Alpha Trading, this is back near the intersection where the lunch stand is. I think the game might auto-boot you there at 2 if you don't go voluntarily.


The first day is cake. You do a forklift race first , you'll do this every morning so I'll only cover it once. You run 3 laps around and get a toy forklift with a number based on your place. The trick to winning this is to never try to pass in tight areas , the other guys will ram you into walls and such. Reduce speed and follow closely till you get to an open area then zoom by. My favorite place to pass the lead guy is at one of the tight corners towards the end. You make a hard right , then there's a steel beam in the center of a small area followed immediately by a hard left. All the computer racers take the outside of the steel beam. Cut inside it to jump ahead of them .

Try to get all five places , for a complete set of forklifts. If you work more days than you're supposed to (See Work Glitch section below) , go for multiple sets. These sets sell for big cash in Shenmue 2, and the #1 forklift by itself can be sold for $12 a pop.

The first day has a pile of crates right next to the warehouse they go in. R accelerates the lift , L reverses and A raises and lowers the forks. There's no reason why you shouldn't get all 20 crates by the end of the day.

At your lunch break , run over to where you first met the bum. He's getting chased by motorcycles. You get a short QTE.

After work , go towards Toms stand to run into Gui Zhang who teaches you a decent move , the Swallow Dive. This is a roundhouse kick that replaces the Side Reaver (See , told ya not to train it)

Then go out front of the Tomato Mart to run into the bum again , who teaches you the Shadow Step. Useful in one on one matches, but there's few of those left.

You can ask Mark and the bum about the Mad Angels for some notes , but there's not much else to do tonight. Still the game won't let you leave the docks until 8 PM. I used this downtime at nights to buy capsules , play the raffle and play darts when really bored. Also check the Tomato regularly for new cassettes.

On the way home , do whatever business you need. If you're collecting cassettes , remember to check Dobuita Tomato from time to time to see if there are any new ones.


Slightly longer crate route this time. I believe at lunch you have a free battle with punks beating on Mark automatically. You'll also have a cut scene in the morning outside Warehouse #3 , where a bunch of punks attack wanting "insurance" money from you. Yet another free battle.

If you want to exploit the Work Glitch , this is the best day to do it. See the next section if you want to earn piles of cash. If not , in the afternoon , run the crate route the way that you're supposed to. You'll get another cutscene with punks luring you into the warehouse for another free battle. They tell you that Warehouse 17 is where the Mad Angels hang out.

After work you can go to Warehouse 17 for yet one more free battle.

Then speak to the bum who tells you the punks like to hang out in front of Tomato Mart at night. They won't be here tonight though , so just go home.


You can exploit a glitch (well , more of a programming oversight) in the game to work more days than you are supposed to. You do this by missing a key cut scene needed to advance that day. The easiest time to do this is on the second day , when you do the Warehouse 3 route. If you drive in the opposite direction that the route map shows (take a left coming out of the warehouse 18 area and take the route you're supposed to come back on both ways) , you'll never trigger the cut scene with the punks that tell you about warehouse 17. So the game time moves on , but the work day repeats until you see it. Every time you meet quota on crates though , you get a raise (up to 600 yen a crate). So use this to make piles of cash for your collections , or to hoard to bring into Shenmue 2. Or both. When you're ready to advance , just drive the proper route from warehouse 3 in the afternoon and the cinema will kick in.


Longer route. At lunch , Nozomi comes for a picture with you. You get to add one to your collection. After work the bum can teach you another move. After dark (7 PM) , head for the area in front of the Tomato Mart. Cool QTE where you chase some goof on a motorcycle , then it ends in another big free battle.


After work , run towards the bum-coffee area to see a bunch of punks beating on Mark. Take them out in yet ANOTHER free battle with these goons. Mark then mentions that some guys named Tony and Smith (that's Zombie Guy and Mike Tyson) mentioned something about a Long Zha ... which is I guess a big criminal festival? I dunno. Anyway , you can't meet them today. So go home and be a family man!


During work , go in front of Tomato Mart to see Tony and Smith (or Zombie and Mike , as I prefer). You get to chase them now on foot in a QTE that is a decent challenge. When they split up , I dunno what happens if you chase Mike - I went after good old Zombie myself. Zombie spills the beans that the leader's name is Terry and that some big shiz is indeed going down.


Ryo randomly gets up at 11:45 PM for some fresh air. Phone rings , and YAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ,it's Chai. They have Nozomi at Warehouse #17 and want you there in 4 hours. Arr.

Well , we know the buses don't run this late. But you can run to the bus stop to get a note if you want. Not much is open this late , so there aren't many places to look. You've got friends at Yokosuka bar , so head there. The slutty chick by the door stops you on the way in and reminds you you have a motorcycle license. Ask the bartender and he reminds you that your buddy Naoyuke has a motorcycle. As you might have no damn idea who Naoyuke is, he's the guy tinkering on the motorcycle all day near Abe store. Go to his house and ring the buzzer. They answer and let you borrow the bike as if ringing at 1:30 A.M. is totally not unusual at all.


You now have an arcade sequence with Ryo that plays like Hang On , only crappier. You have a limited time to get down to the harbor so you have to go balls out. You have to stay above 120 MPH the whole way or you wont make it in time.


Two more battles with the same punks you've beaten up countless times already.

Then you meet Terry , who hands over Nozomi , on the condition you beat up Gui Zhang for him next day. Ryo also demands to be taken to Lan Di afterwards.

Ryo then rides home with Nozomi whilst sappy J-Pop plays.


Head to work. You get fired for fighting too much. Tom stops you and wants to treat you to lunch. Towards 12 , head towards Toms. He teaches you a new move , then tells you he's returning to America later that day. What did he do with the hot dog van?

A bunch of time passes automatically. At 10 PM , you go to fight Gui Zhang. Just fight normally and try not to lose health too fast. Ryo gets Gui in some holds and tries to ask him to lose on purpose. Gui isn't having that shit and the two hotheads start fighting for real. When your health gets low , Gui and Ryo will automatically roundhouse each other in the head and knock each other out. Terry then jumps out of the shadows with a mallet or something and comes for Gui Zhang.  You have a quick QTE to save him. Then ...... the 70 Man Free Battle! Augh!


67 of these guys are punks that will go flying backwards with one good Trample Kick. Early on a guy in fatigues will jump out and pose , he's a little harder to beat than the rest of the crap. If he takes off some health , hide behind Gui Zhang for awhile to recover. You'll also face a guy with a big stick , he's pretty annoying. He tends to ignore Gui and come straight after you.

At the very end , Pedro runs out. He's the super tall motorcyle chaps wearing guy you've seen in various cutscenes. This guy is pretty tough , but mostly because of Shenmue's shitty camera system. There's an easy way to beat him , but when the camera starts floating around it gets unreliable. Wait for him to get close and start an attack , use Y to slide down or up, then kick combo him. If he misses one of those big drop kicks , use the Trample Kick to hit him on the ground. If you have to, run away for awhile (L) to heal up. This guy takes a lot of punishment , be patient.

After you win , the hard part is over. Lan Di is already gone , but Gui will talk to his dad about getting you a ticket to Hong Kong. You then go home and go to bed.


You get up and there's an automatic cut scene where Ryo strolls through Dobuita while cool music plays. Then you head to the docks where Chen tells you he set up a boat ticket for you , and that Gui Zhang is coming along to watch out for you. He then teaches you the Swallow Flip , which to me was the absolute hardest part of the game , I couldn't figure out how they wanted you to press the damn buttons. What you have to do is press back+X simultaneously , then IMMEDIATELY afterwards tap A. Like, a micro split second afterwards ... but not at the same time.

After you master it Chai shows up and drops a big beam on Gui's leg. You then fight him in a one on one battle.


This is exactly the same as the Arcade fight .... except you have more room to dodge .... and he has a little less HP. I just kept using the Trample Kick repeatedly. Simple , and a bit time consuming , but it worked on the first try dammit. On my second playthrough, I've found constant dodging and throwing works well too. After you beat Chai , there's a scene of Lan Di going to a big ferry .... then get ready for a quick QTE with Chai to end the game.