Hard Mode Tips
By C. M0use

"Because there's only room for one Big Boss!"

Just played through this one again in Hard mode and whipped up this handy tip sheet for anyone looking to do the same.

I've played through the game twice before , but both times in Normal mode with the radar on. Having finished it in Hard mode now , I'd have to say this is definitely the way to go. It's just more fun - you have to think more creatively , use all the resources the game gives
you ,and be very cautious and patient.

That said it's also a lot harder. Here's my strategies in case you hit a sticking point.

P.S. Keep in mind cameras can't see you when you're directly under them.

P.P.S. Guide also assumes you haven't beaten the game yet and thus don't have stealth suit or bandanna.


Run to the right , where Snake ran to use his scope in the intro.  Look forward. Right-hand sentry should still be off near the heli platform somewhere. Run forward to the 2nd box and hide behind it. Wait for sentry to approach your box on your left-
hand side then sneak around to the right and run forward to the stairs. Mind the camera (Snake will notice it automatically before you walk into it's range). When the camera turns , run up the stairs but pause midway. The sentry you left behind
will probably have noticed your footsteps and follow , but he won't go (or look) up the stairs.  Wait for the upper-level sentry to walk by the stair entrance then turn and head the other way. Run up after he's left and crawl into the hole mid-building (Campbell will call on Codec when you're standing near it)

Crawl straight thru the tunnel until you get to the open vent where you can drop down.


Grab the chaff grenades off to your left. Mind the camera to the right , look forward at it and slip into the corner behind it when it turns away.  Duck into the 2nd room on the left , but don't rush all the way in. Stop at the entrance and look forward , there's a camera. Slip into the corner behind it to grab the Socom and get back out.  

Run around the 2nd floor balcony. Mind the camera at the entrance to the steps on the other side.  Before you proceed down the steps , look down from the upper balcony. With no radar this is a tricky spot. Watch the 2 guards patrol around. One
is content to walk circles around the tank nearest you , while the other patrols the back of the room then stops at a point  in the front for a bit.

Wait for the farther guard to start walking back to the back of the room , and the closer guard to begin walking past your  position to the rear of the tank. Now's your chance to move , and you have to do this as quickly as possible.

Slip into the corner again to bypass the camera and get to the stairs (common tactic for sliding by cameras in this game). Run down. Go up immediately to the elevator and hit the button without delay. If you time it right the closer guard should be
just rounding the back of the tank when you come downstairs and the farther guard should be way in the back of the room. You may see one (or both) walking towards you as you hit the inside elevator button , but once you're in the elevator menu they can't "see" you anymore so no worries.


Just run straight down and around to the ladder leading up. There's no guards or cameras.

Crawl in the passageway until you see vents. Look at the first one to see Meryl exercising. If you're some sort of polygon perv , you can exit and re-enter the vents 3 or 4 times and eventually Meryl will be in her undies. This eats up serious time though , which affects your end rank (if you care).

Look at the second one to trigger a cut scene where you drop in on the DARPA Chief.

When that's done , go peek out the slot in the door to see Meryl walk by in guard uniform. When she opens the door you can go into first person view and tap L to peek outside and see her waiting for you (heh). You can also get a good long look at the hogtied naked guard the same way ,  if you like that sort of thing.


I actually found it easier to just stand near the door and punch up all the guys as they come in. Try to knock them into the right corner. You have to kill the first 3 yourself , but after that you can get Meryl to kill them (which lowers your body count and improves your end rank).  Just punch them all into the corner , then let them get up. When they stand Meryl
should plug them. If she doesn't , punch 'em a little more to stun them until the dopey broad is ready to shoot.


Take the elevator down. I don't *think* there are any guards in here at this point. I looked around for one but didn't see any. There's an open room that has Grenades and Socom ammo in it and a Lv 1 keycard room that has C-4.  Grab both. Watch for traps
in the floor - if you hear a click the floor is probably about to drop from under you , hug a wall or move.

There's a off-color wall in the bottom right corner of the room. If you knock on it , it makes a hollow sound. Plant C4 in front of it and blow it up. Hey , there's a hole there now.

In this corridor there's more of those off-color walls. You want the one on the right , about halfway down. I think there's one on the left that leads to the Camera , if you're playing through a second time. If not , just ignore it for now.

Finally , there's one more wall at the end of this new hallway to blow. Equip Socom and Rations and save if you haven't recently.


What is this , Mega Man X? Don't run past the yellow lines in the center , you'll blow everyone up and earn instant game over.

Don't grab the Socom refills at the top until you are out of bullets. Once they're gone , you get no more , and with no  bullets you can't win this battle.

Ocelot is easy peasy , even on Hard. Run towards him. When he turns and runs away , go the other direction and meet up with him. If he turns and runs again , just reverse direction again. Eventually he'll stop and either shoot or run his mouth at you as you come around the corner. If you come around a corner and he's standing still , hit him with one shot (don't fire wildly , one is all you'll get , you need to conserve bullets).

If you get close enough to him and shoot him you can get into a semi-glitch where he keeps turning and shooting you , but you can pump him full of lead. You'll take damage and probably use a Ration but you can end the battle much more quickly.


There's now guards in that big center room.  2 I believe , and it's hard to spot them until they're right on top of you  due to all the corners. Just be cautious and before you cross an intersection , put your back up against it and look down the hall to see if anyone is standing there. If you suddenly hear footsteps near you , try to duck into a room.

There's a LV 2 door off to the right that you can now open down here. Watch for infrared beams inside (the floor looks strange). Crawl to go under them and grab the FA-MAS machine gun and ammo. This is totally optional but the FA-MAS is
very useful later on so I suggest taking the time to sneak over and grab it. After that , cautiously make your way back  to the elevator.

Stop at B1. There's nothing here , but call Meryl from here. Reason being , there's a big long conversation , and if you  go up to 1F and save the game you won't have to listen to the whole conversation again if you die and restore.


Meryl opens that big Level 5 door off to your right when you get off the elevator. Do a quick look ahead for the guard (there's only one here now) then run over to it.

Normally at this point you would go back upstairs to get the Mine Detector before going through the Lv 5 door. However ,  in Hard mode there's no radar , so the Mine Detector is useless! Thus , no point getting it.  One small part of the game where Hard mode is actually easier , heh.

Once in the big hall thing , someone calls to warn you about infrared sensors (you can see the placement on the floor). Equip Cigs to smoke and reveal the beams. Just watch the timing of each beam and step past quickly when it's up , none
of these are difficult. Just careful not to step too far ahead and run into the next beam. 2 steps forward should suffice to pass each.


Take a step forward and "Deepthroat" calls to warn you about mines. Well , we have no mine detector , so eh. He also warns that there's a tank waiting ahead (in case you didn't notice the tank missing from the previous room and the tire treads in the snow and whatnot).

Run forward until the cut scene with Raven and the tank is triggered.


You start behind a rock , getting shellacked by high powered blasts. Stay here in safety for now. There's a Ration just to your left , duck out and grab it if you need it. From the safety of your rock , throw a chaff grenade. Now swiftly and boldly
run straight towards the Tank (equip grenades along the way). You need to stay as close to the tank as possible to keep  it from firing those auto-nuke shells now.  Don't stand right in front of it though or generic soldier will run you over. It also helps to stand away from his machine gun turret.

You just need to toss grenades up onto the deck where the driver is. Don't worry about timing the explosion , just toss 'em up and they'll sit there until they explode in the driver's face.  It takes 4 or 5 grenades to win the battle. This isn't too easy , throwing the grenades can be frustratingly random at times , but there's more off to the sides if you need
'em (cover yourself with a chaff to get 'em though or the fucker will probably drive away and start nuking you with
crazy death missiles).


Naomi takes away your ability to use firearms , so you don't accidentally puncture a warhead and cause a plutonium leak. The guards in here , however , care not about such things. If one spots you , they open fire , and it's radiation everywhere and automatic game over. So be real cautious in here.

Crawl under the wall ahead of you. Don't go all the way under though , just enough to get a peek into the next room. You'll notice two guys in haz-mat suits patrolling in a squarish pattern , one close to you , the other back towards that  truck.  

Wait for Haz-Mat #1 (the one closest to you) to get parallel to where you're laying. When he walks farther back into the room , crawl under the wall. Wait for Haz-Mat #1 to finish walking north , then he'll stop and cut back to the west.
Haz-Mat #2 should also disappear from view behind the truck. Now's the time to move. Squeak by that camera near you by hugging the wall then make a run for the stairs on the right.

Once up the stairs , mind the camera tucked in the upper-left corner. Squeak by and hide behind the pile of boxes. Wait for Haz-Mat #3 to walk near the boxes (he won't walk past them) , then he'll turn around and stop facing away from you. Slip out and grab him from behind , and crack that neck.

Take the elevator to floor B1


You need to go to the left and take out the guy taking a piss in the bathroom first , or he'll wander into the main room later and jack up your whole program. Sneak behind him and crack that neck while he's urinating (heh). Now back to the main room.

There's one guard in here , should be on the right hand side. He's near the door you need to get to , the only one labeled #3. Wait for him to walk in the other direction then slip over there.

Inside is the Nikita and some missiles. Sweet. Now , notice the door to this little office is glass. Stay inside the room and use first-person view to look through the glass door. Wait (may take awhile) for the guard to walk by GOING LEFT , then sneak out and back out the main door. Take elevator to B2.


Enter the little gas chamber thingie. You get a cut scene showing the electrified floors and the location of the panel controlling them. Fire a Nikita missile and guide it along the path to the panel.

A little easier said than done. If the Nikita goes in the same direction for 3 seconds it fires a rocket booster and goes at crazy speed. The best way to control is with a "swimming" motion - hold the joystick firmly in the direction you want
to go and rock it right-left a little bit , so you're still going forward but weaving a bit to keep the rocket from taking  off.

In the big room with tons o' guns on the wall , keep the Nikita as close to the right wall as possible. Get it going straight and let the booster kick in to sprint past the guns on the right. At the top of the room cut over to the left and gently  guide it through the doors and into the panel.

With the elec floor off , run on in. Don't miss the doors on the right , one has the Gas Mask , guarded by a Gun Camera (you need a Chaff Grenade to avoid taking damage). You can go get pointless ammo near where the panel was , but you need
to use a chaff to get by all those guns and I feel it's a waste of time. Go right and use a Chaff to get by the gun turret guarding the door.


In this little chamber you hear sounds of gunfire and slaughter - go into the next room. Woah , has Groader been through here? Just follow the hall and watch the cutscenes.


ERG , this is tough. While the Ninja is a semi-cakewalk on lower difficulties , he's a flipping whirling nightmare of death here.

I found him easiest to hit when he was either landing from a jump , or landing from that Super Mario head stomp attack he does. When he's in his twirling kicking flying attack where he can change directions at will , he'll always knock you out.

I kept him jumping by fighting down by the desk at the bottom-center of the room. After knocking him down , I ran to the  other side of the desk. If he jumps over the desk to get at you , hit him when he comes down. If he tries to run around the  corner , run in the other direction and when you get to the other side of the desk he'll usually jump over to try to cut
you off.

Repeat ad nauseum until you drain 3/4 of his health and he begins his "walking slowly toward you" attack. This is much easier to counter.  Let him get near you , start running away when he teleports and begins his punch.  If you run too far , he'll just
teleport again , so do a short loop to evade his punch and come back and hit him with a punch combo of your own. Repeat this until his health is gone - careful on the last blow as he'll do some electromagnetic explosion that takes 3/4 of your life off if it hits.

The final phase of the battle is "explosion mode" where he sits in one spot convulsing with an energy field around him. I guess what the game wanted you to do is try to run in and punch while the field is minimized. However it's much safer and quicker to just shoot him with your Socom from a distance ;).


You have to find Meryl (dressed as a guard) on B1 , in that main room where you got the Nikita. As you enter she should be the guard on the right. If you're not sure , look at her in first person mode. She has a different walk , look to see the pronounced wiggling of her butt ;).  

Just walk up to her. You'll get the "!" thing , but you'll hear a woman's voice instead , then she'll run off out of the room.

She's heading for the ladies room near the elevator. Here's another bonus for pixel pervs - if you get there before her or just slightly after her , she'll spend the coming cutscene in panties. She's kinda bony and scrawny though.

After cut scene , go back outside. The guards are all mysteriously gone.  Take this opportunity to raid the main room of the cornucopia of weapons and ammunition that is there.  The Night Vision Goggles are in the Lv 5 room in the lower
left , get those for the coming boss battle.

Run up the hall with Meryl , then into the next room. Watch cut scene ensue.


When Meryl's pointing the gun at you , flip her a few times until she gets knocked out.

When the Mantis battle begins , pick up and use Controller 2. If you have no controller 2 , plug controller 1 into controller 2's slot. Yes , I'm serious. He'll dodge all your bullets if you use Controller 1. "It's useless , I told you!"

It helps to equip Night Vision Goggles to see him moving around more clearly.

In his first attack he'll pop up at random places and throw some sort of psychic ball at you. Push Triangle to see through his eyes and see where he is in relation to you. Shoot him QUICKLY as soon as he appears before he throws the ball. I used the FA-MAS for this part , and just ran to where he was going to appear and sprayed wildly in his general direction. After taking 3 or 4 hits he changes attacks.

Next he'll start throwing Homing Furniture at you. When he goes to the back of the room and makes the paintings and stuff come forward at you , just run over to one side or another. When he surrounds himself with chairs in the
middle of the room , move to one side or the other and equip the SOCOM to auto-lock onto him and get a shot off. When he sends vases and stuff flying at you , just lay down until they go away then pop up and blast him with the FA-MAS or the SOCOM.

After getting his health about 2/3rds down he'll control Meryl again. Just keep flipping her until he tries to make her shoot herself. Flip her one more time to end this nonsense.

Now he'll start with that damn teleporting and power ball throwing again. Use same strategy as before. After 4 or 5 hits he goes back to furniture-based attacks , just keep at him until his health is all gone.


Run north and crawl under the rock. Chuck a Stun Grenade to get the dog off you. You need to go northeast-ish along the cave path , then take a tunnel east through a big puddle , then south to a dead end. It's easier to use Night Vision Goggles to see where you're going but take 'em off before you throw any stun grenades.

Crawl under the rock to the right.  You'll find Meryl to the north a little bit , standing near a door.

To make life easier later on - punch Meryl once. Then quickly equip a Cardboard Box. She'll summon one of the dogs to piss on you.  Now in the future if you're wearing piss-covered cardboard box , the dogs won't attack you.


Watch the path Meryl walks and quickly follow her footsteps before they fade , or I guess you could just crawl and pick up all the mines.


Mmm , padding.

Go back thru the wolf cave with the aid of Pissed On Cardboard Box to keep the wolves at bay.

Run back through Mantis' Room , to B1 elevator. Go back up to floor 1.

Come off the elevator and break the guard's neck. Mind the camera leading to the stairs down. Before going down , pause at the top and look down. Wait for two Haz-Mat guards to walk away. Slip down , hug right wall , slide under camera and crawl out.

Run back to the outside canyon. There's gun turrets around here now. Toss a Chaff Grenade to get past the first two. Crawl across the canyon , as there's claymores everywhere (and you need to pick some up). Mind the 2 turrets on either
side about halfway down. You may want to crawl to one side and slip under a turret. Go back into the first building.

Immediately run down and take the elevator (the infrared beams are gone). If you don't hesistate , the guard shouldn't be around (when you first come in he should already be near the back of the tank).

Go down to B2. RRRGH , there's 4 guards patrolling this little area now. You'll see one immediately as you get off the  elevator. Swiftly break his neck. Run to the left corner , hug the wall on the right hand side going down. Stop at the
corner and look down the right hand hallway. Should be a guard there , either right near you or a few steps away with his back turned. When his back is turned , slip behind him and crack that neck. Enter the LV 5 door. Use cigs to see
the infrared beams - watch out for the vertical ones. Crawl carefully through the open space to get the PSG 1 and the  ammo.

Getting back out of here is luck more than anything. I did it on the first try , but not through any special skill. What I did was peek out into the hallway , and see no guards. Went back around the corner , the way I came in.
Hugged the wall to avoid the floor trap and got to the corner to look down the northmost horizontal hallway. Seeing no one there , I sprinted for the elevator and made it without detection. There's 2 other guards walking around somewhere though , and I don't know what their patrol patterns are , so be careful.

Go back to floor 1 , run out the big hallway to the canyon (gaurd should be at the back of the room somewhere). In canyon , crawl across as you did before (again minding the turrets). Toss a Chaff to get back inside the Nuc. Building.

Use the same technique you did before to get by the Haz-Mat guys again.  Take the elevator to B1. Run back thru Mantis Room and the Wolf Cave to the Long Alley once again.


Run to a corner and grab the ammo there. Wait for Wolf's laser sight to disappear. Step out into the open , lay down  facing Wolf's position and equip the PSG-1.  Take some Diazepam to calm the jitters and make aiming easier. Wolf
is usually hiding behind the pillar on the second floor of the tower (you can see her breath from behind it if she's there). She also crouches on the far left of the walkway , and stands and fires from the right.  

With skill (and Diazepam!) you can just keep hitting her every time she moves. She'll probably start behind the pillar. Wait for her to peek out then tap her (only fire once , it takes a sec for the bullet to reach her).  She'll then either run to the left and crouch to fire , or run to the right and set up to fire. Track her and try to hit her before she
gets a shot off. If she hits you , it'll probably spin you around and jack your aim all up so just de-equip the PSG , get up and reposition yourself.

Wolf didn't seem any harder in Hard mode than she was in the other modes.


You're kind of on your own here. You get 4 shocks per session here , and surviving the 4th is tough. Best solution would be to have a turbo-fire controller and use that (forget what Ocelot says , he's a collection of pixels , how the
hell would he know what you're doing?). People have also developed all sorts of crazy techniques for rubbing the button fast but the only plausible-sounding one I heard about was using a marble to rub over it really fast.

I just gave up ;). You save time this way , and also you can get the Stealth Camo instead of the stinky Bandana at the ending. You may feel like less of a man for doing it , but you'll feel a whole lot better when you get to play with  stealth camo at the end!


This highly depends on whether you're resisting the torture sessions or not.

If you quit in the first session (good man!) , just wait. Eventually the guard will get explosive diarrhea and run to the shitter. Otacon will then come (you don't have to call him) and give you the Lv 6 card and ketchup (an Italian tomato-based condiment!).  

Lay down on the floor and use the ketchup (Square or O button , I forget which). It should spread under Snake like a bloodstain. When the guard comes back , he comes in to investigate. Get up and knock him out with punches or choke him. Go up
to the torture room and get your stuff back. Then take the door to your right.

If you resisted the first torture session .... call Otacon , but I don't think he comes until after the second torture. If the guard runs to the can , you can try hiding under the bed and he may get confused and come in to the cell when  he comes back.

After the second torture session if you called Otacon you can use the ketchup trick now.

If you hold out through 3 torture sessions , the Ninja will come and slice the door open for you.

If you resisted the torture , watch out for Bob-Omb in your inventory!


More delicious padding!

I'm not gonna go over the evasion tactics in all these areas again as everything is exactly the same. Just work your way back to the Comm Tower door where you got captured by Wolf and her cronies. You can now open it and go inside.


Longest. Staircase. Ever.

When you first enter the tower you'll round a corner and go thru another Lv 6 door. Immediately an alarm goes off and two dudes rush up behind you. Pull out the FA-MAS and mow 'em down (just face the doorway and hold the trigger for
awhile). Run to the stairs making sure to grab the Rope.

This staircase has about 30 or so floors and guards constantly respawn behind you and chase you up. There's also a bunch sitting and waiting ahead of you at various points on the stairs.

Best way to get through this is to chuck a Stun Grenade every two or three floors. Hopefully you have at least 10 by now (you should unless you've been wasting them on something). Don't bother to stop and shoot guards , they just keep
endlessly respawning.

You'll see a Lv6 door about halfway up , don't stop and fux with it , it's stuck.

Keep Rations equipped and be prepared to take a few shots or gun butts to the face. As long as you survive , don't worry  about health. You'll get it replenished real soon.


I don't have any good advice here ... this one took me two tries and I got by just by jumping wildly left and right and staying away from the steam bursts. I tended to get hit by every Hind-D volley but if you go down fast and don't hit
too much steam you should survive regardless.


Collect the weapons sitting nearby. Stop and use your scope to look ahead. Argh! Three sentries! With five-five-sixers and "pineapples"! (heh).  Anyway , these guys will mow you down swiftly if you try to run across the bridge.

If you need more ammo or rations or something , C4 the door behind you to unfreeze it and re-enter the Staircase of Death (now with no guards in it).

Obviously you need a range weapon to kill the guards. You can use the PSG 1 , but once you kill one the other two will start
firing back. I prefer to hide off to the side and use Nikita missiles (with first person view for extra hilarity!). These average soldiers must be wearing excessive body armor or something because it takes a bunch of Nikitas to finally
put them down.

You'll know they're dead when the "battle" music stops.

Cross and the Hind D ambushes you. Have enough health to survive one gunblast as it's first volley usually tags you.
Run left and get inside the door. You'll find Stingers inside , but the Hind D takes off for now.


Try to take the elevator. It's broke. Try to take the stairs up. Hmm , blocked by mysterious crates. Try to take the
stairs down - also broke (you need to do all these things to trigger the cutscene).

Long cutscene with Otacon.

Some of the mysterious crates are now missing from the up stairs. Alrighty....go up.

I hope you have at least 4 chaff grenades. If not , retrace your steps down through Staircase of Death and find some.
You need 4 to get by the gun turrets on these stairs without taking big damage.


A little more tricky with no radar , but far from impossible. Took me 2 tries.

Stay near that big metal crate thing near the doorway , it will be your friend. You can scan around in 1st-person
mode for the Hind but I usually just wait for it to start firing and see which direction the bullets are coming from.

The key to surviving here is to get a clean shot with a missile lock , then de-equip the Stinger and run for cover as
soon as the missile is fired. Don't stand around and watch it hit the Hind or you'll get blasted.

When Liquid yells "Eat this!" hide behind your friend the metal wall (on the side of the door ... stay near the door).
The ensuing explosion won't be near you.

After battle , SAVE and go back to the elevator which is now mysteriously functional.


I just used the FA-MAS and mowed everybody down tommy-gun style. You'll never take me alive coppers! NYAAAH!

I've heard tell you can grab a dude and use him as a shield from the other guys , then when he dies repeat with
another one until you're down to one. Sounds pretty l33t , but I didn't bother trying it.


Walk out a bit and Sniper Wolf snipes you. After a Codec conversation the battle proper begins.

Run over to the right , and take cover under the rocks.  Wolf can't hit you behind here.

The cheap way to win from here is to use Nikita missiles. Fly them in first-person view to see where Wolf is and guide them into her.

If you run out of Nikitas , or want to be "proper" (bleh) , you'll have to snipe her. I found this actually to be a little easier than the last sniping battle , as Wolf seems to spend most of her time running from tree to  tree rather than firing. She also stands under cover for a long time before firing at you , giving you plenty of time to find her and get your crosshairs ready.

When she's all sniped up , big dramatic cutscene.

Afterwards , rape up all the rooms in this area as there's a ton of weaponry.  The room nearest Wolf's corpse is lined with Claymores so crawl in , and most of the other ones have gun turrets inside so toss some Chaffs (you'll find more chaffs in one of the rooms).

The entrance to the next area is in one of the north buildings , near where dead Wolf is. Toss a Chaff to pass the two gun turret cameras.


Head downstairs. You'll be on a raised platform oven molten steel. Head left. If the guard hears your footsteps just keep going , he won't follow all the way over.

You need to hug the wall and walk the rail over to the other side. Problem is that big steel block thing is in the way. Tap X while on the rail to duck down and wait for it to pass overhead , then continue to the other side.

Sneak downstairs , keep an eye on the guard down there and go when he's away. If he sees you no big deal, just run up through the big main door there and the alert ends.


A bunch of crazy guys jump onto the elevator as you descend. This is just like the first elevator battle except there's only 3 dudes and no stealth camo. I just mowed em down with the machine gun.



This is totally cheap with no radar. Raven is manageable at first , but once he starts jogging around he just becomes too much to keep up with without being able to see him on radar.

I had a lot of trouble with this battle. It took me a good ten tries or so.  I looked at a FAQ for help , the guy said that Raven had some pattern of moving around the room that he always followed unless he spots you. I tracked him around the room
and that's just not true. In three different games he went three different ways , not following any sort of set pattern.

I don't have a solid , reliable strategy for this guy. Here's what I did when I (eventually) killed him.

First , you need to come in to this battle with at least 15 Stinger missiles. If you don't have 'em , double back to an area where you can get them.

You can see where Raven is , sort of , by using the Stinger view and looking for the box that represents him to approximate where he is. If the box is small , he's far off. If it's bigger , he's closer nearby.

When you first start the fight you're on one side of the shortest box in the room , and he's on the other. He'll almost always march to the left at this point and just randomly blast away. Hold position and wait for him to fire to the left ,  then sneak a Nikita missile up his pooper by going around the box to the right. You should be able to pull this off twice
while he's hanging out in the starting area.

After two good missiles , it gets tough. Raven should start jogging around at some point now. You'll hear him moving faster and panting when he starts.

Nikitas keep you in one place for too long , odds are good he'll jog by and see you (he moves ridiculously fast for what he's carrying) while you're steering around. I've heard Claymore mines suggested , but odds are you'll forget where they are or in a panic to get away from him you'll run over them yourself. C4 is likewise problematic due to his
fast and random movements around the room.

The only reliable technique is Stingers and even this is tough and takes a long time. Keep in mind if Raven sees a Stinger
missile coming at him he'll shoot it down. You can try to hit him in the back or side but with how fast he moves it's
really tough to keep up without being seen.

The best bet is to use the Stinger to see where he is. Now get on the other side of the room quickly , concealed to where
he won't see you down an alley , and start tracking him with the Stinger again. When he's approaching a corner that is
parallel to your position , duck out and get the Stinger ready. Fire JUST BEFORE he passes the corner (so , just before
he's actually in sight).  The missile should be arriving just as he's coming into view. This keeps him from shooting
it down , and keeps him from shooting YOU. Reposition and do it all over again. It took about 8 shots.

There's a Ration in the upper right corner of the room , and extra Stinger missiles left of the starting point and up
near the aforementioned Ration. I believe he also shoots another Ration down on the left side of the room at some point.

If you beat him , congrats man , I hate that damn fight.


Just toss a chaff to get thru this gun-happy room. I suppose there's a way to sneak through , but eh.
If you're low on Stingers , you may want to expend an extra chaff to snag the ten or so that are up the short
staircase to the right


Woah , hey , there it is.  Head right and climb up the ladder. Grab the items lying around on this floor , then climb up again.
Grab yet more items just sitting around , then climb up again. You should now be near the top of Metal Gear's head and get
a call from Otacon saying something about how he broke the security code or whatever.  Climb up onto MG's noggin then down the
other side. If you proceed without hesitating , you can run along the length of this platform and you'll make it to the stairs at
the end while the guard is over by Metal Gear's cockpit. If you want to do this an easier way and don't mind an extra kill,
set up shop with the PSG from the far corner and wait for the guard to walk out into the long passage. Either way , head up the
stairs to the room where Liquid and Ocelot are.

* cutscene ensues *

Snake drops the PAL card like a bumb and Liquid seals off the control room and taunts him. Mind the guard right behind you
as you start out in alarm mode. I just flip him and run by. Go back down to the very beginning of the area , at the base of \
Metal Gear.


Normally the keycard would just be in the water somewhere. However , this is Hard mode , so a rat ate it. Yeah.  There
are two mouse-holes here - one on the upper level , over near the camera turret in the NW corner.  The other is down the
stairs near the entrance. You may have to go run around in the water and pick up random items until Miller calls to tell you
that a rat ate the card.  I did the rat up by planting C4 near the mouse hole over in the NW corner (toss a chaff to slip by the camera)
then running back to the other side , and watching the hole with the scope until the rat popped out. He should stop and fidget
just outside the whole for awhile. Set him up the C4 , and the card is left lying on the floor where he was.


Back up to the control room , which is now mysteriously unlocked and devoid of Liquid or Ocelot.  Run by the guard again
in usual style , or snipe him.  Toss a Chaff into the control room before entering as it's cameras everywhere. Run up to
the yellow laptop screen with the PAL in hand and you should get a cutscene of the first lock disengaging.

#2 ... freeze the card. Run out of the room. You'll probably trip a camera , but exit before the door slams shut. Don't worry
about it.  Back downstairs again (the guard will be halfway down that long passage - snipe or run by when he wanders off to the right
for awhile).  Exit the Metal Gear area , toss a chaff to get through the Room of Many Cameras , and head back into Raven's

You just need to chill here till the PAL card turns blue. You can use your time productively by grabbing the items in Raven's
room and outside by the elevator. When it's blue , run allll the way back up to the Metal Gear control room yet again.

#3 ... heat the card. Same drill going back down , until you get back to Raven' freezer. Hey , the music's changed... there's now
2 or 3 guards patrolling in here. If you run to the left immediately upon entering and go down the passage , there should be
a guard walking with his back to you. Flip and continue running to the exit.

Take the elevator up. Mind the Claymores all over the floor near the elevator , and that gun camera off to the left.
Head left to the other elevator for another long ride and Codec call.

Into the blast furnace.  You can hide below the stairs if you want , but I don't think any guards come down to your area
ever. Wait for card to heat , then ALL the way back to Metal Gear control room minding all the various dangers (when going
thru Raven's freezer in the other direction , run right this time.  The guard on the far right passage should have his back to you
, flip and keep on runnin)


Oh , that sneaky Liquid , and now you're trapped in a gassy Control Room. Put on the Gas Mask. Then call Otacon. Wait a few seconds
for him to pop the lock on the door. Go outside and Liquid runs off towards Metal Gear. Follow him.

Big long cutscene. Then get ready to fight Metal Gear.


I really feel that brute force is the way to go here. If you want to try to be Mr. Fancy Feet you can use the strategy that is below in Rex Battle 2, but if you position yourself right at the start (in front of the radome, just close enough to keep from getting hit by the missiles) you should be able to just feed Stingers into the radome (pause after each hit for about 2 secs. as it has invincibility for a bit) quickly enough to survive with minimal damage. Keep the body armor equipped at all times, if you end up using more than two rations, you may just want to eat a missile on purpose and start over since you may have jammed yourself for the next part of the fight.


The basic idea is to stay close and in front of the Rex at all times, go just far out enough in front to bait Liquid into firing missiles at you, then run back in close and quickly fire a Stinger into the cockpit before the missiles land and he begins his next attack. If you are just close enough to the cockpit to shoot it without being too far underneath, the missiles should land away from you. A lot of this is really dumb luck as dodging the laser depends on whether he decides to lead you well or not. Liquid often gets into a pattern of laser-bullets-missiles, but don't count on it.

All that's left as far as the interactive portions of the game are the jeep chase and Manly Boxing, both of which are largely autopilot on your part. Congraturation! Now try Extreme difficulty for a needless headache!