SHOCKMAN / Hudson / Turbografx 16

Whew, Shockman is a baaaad game.

I guess this was Hudson's attempt to clone Mega Man ... actually from what I've read this is the second game in the Shockman series, the first never got translated to English - but apparently it was a lot more interesting than this one.

Yeah this whole game has an amateurish feel to it, especially in the way the levels are laid out which is just horrendous.

Basically you pick either a male or female robot dude to save the world with. There seems to be no real difference between them, but in a hilarious twist they didn't bother to change the dialogue for the girl so it's always like "There he is! It's Shockman! Get him!" Must be hard on her self-esteem.

They basically play and control like a bad version of Mega Man, and the levels and enemies have the same sort of super-deformed robo cutesy look.

Don't expect anything approaching Mega Man's level of quality here though. The gameplay is very slippy and slidey, and the level design is abysmal.

The music is awful too.

Yeah this game is just thorough badness. The only really redeeming thing about it is that the translation is also horrible and that leads to a few hilarious moments, but that's hardly worth six dollars.

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