PSYCHOSIS / Jaleco / Turbografx 16

Psychosis is a pretty standard horizontal spaceship shooter, the only real point of note being that the story has you cleaning out your own mind of mental illness or something like that.

Of course, the story has no bearing on the actual game, and if we hadn't told you that you'd never know it from any other generic space shooter. Personally, I think it was just an excuse to toss out any weird LSD trip crap they happened to think of without having to worry about logic.

You're probably right. Anyway, it's a total rip of the Gradius series, particularly Life Force. They just swapped in their own enemies and sprites, and replaced the backgrounds with random stuff like beach scenes and snow.

Aside from the occasional interesting background graphic or enemy sprite here, there's really not much reason to play this one. It just plays like Generic Gradius Clone #3445612 and doesn't do anything special or standout.

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