NEUTOPIA 2 / NEC / Turbografx 16

Here we are with another round of Zelda clonealiciousness.

It basically uses the exact same engine that the first game did. The guy from the first one is getting a little long in the tooth and gets killed by some Kraken or something, so his son ventures out to go through eight dungeons and get the Fritrorce or the Highforce pieces or whatever.

Yep. Just another trip down the same lane. It's like the second quest of Zelda, except they want you to pay another six bucks for it.

As with the first game, it's not a really bad game but it lacks the style, charm and inventiveness of the Zelda games. It's like the generic brand version of Zelda or something. The Pirate Puffs to Zelda's Captain Crunch, if you will. I don't see much reason to bother with it when you have all these Zelda classics available, and then you have to figure the Gameboy games and Majora's Mask will be added at some point here as well.

Yeah and watch out for these crazed fools who compare these games to Zelda 3 ... not even close. More like Zelda 1 with a fresh coat of paint slapped on and some of the fun removed.

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