NEUTOPIA / NEC / Turbografx 16

OK we have a special guest today, the lead designer of Neutopia, Mr. Cleo McDowell.

.... That doesn't sound very Japanese ....

Hello hello boys, how are y'all today. I'm pleased to be here.

Mr. McDowell, it appears that the one game that you designed has a lot of similarities to Legend of Zelda. Some might even go so far as to use the term "ripoff". How do you feel about that?

No no no see, you got it all wrong. It's two totally different games. Nothing in its the same. Lemme tell you something for example. You know, the boy in my game is named "Jazeta". That other boy is named Link. What's a Link? Sausage. I ain't got no sausage walkin' around in my game, this is a good clean boy.

Uh OK, but how about all the other similarities, like the items, and the dungeon setup, and the gameplay ...

Look, lemme clear all this up right now. Their game is "Legend of Zelda", my game is "Neutopia". They got eight Dungeons, I got eight Labryinths. They got the Triforces, I got the Medallions. They got the Bombs, I got the Boom Bombs. They got the Life Potion, I got the Medicine of Vitality.

Uh ...

They got trees you burn to find hidden stairs, I got trees you PUSH to find hidden stairs.

.Um ...

They got the Compass, I got the Magic Compass. They got dog guys who throw spears, I got pig guys who throw spears. They got the Magic Rod, I got the Fire Wand. They got a green dragon in the first dungeon, I got a blue dragon in the first dungeon. They got the Master Sword, I got the Strongest Sword.

Eh ...

They got the Princess Zelda, I got the Princess Aurora. They got the Ladder, I got the Rainbow Drop.

Ah ...

They got the Zora that pops out the water and spits, I got the Fish Man that pops out the water and spits.


Is this clear to you now, boys?

Uh, yeah.


OK boys I got to go, I got many things to do that a successful businessman does. It was good talking to you, thanks for having me.

Well, there you have it, I guess.

Right. Totally not at all a clone of Zelda in any way. Thank you Mr. McDowell.

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