J.J. & JEFF / Hudson Soft / Turbografx 16

This old game is apparently based on some comedy team who were really big in Japan at the time (and have seemingly been Whiteyized for the English releases). They're detectives or something, some rich guy has been kidnapped, so they run around in the city park randomly looking for him while being attacked by animals.

I guess these guys traded in fart-and-peepee jokes, and a number of things have been cut out or changed from the Japanese version (which was called Kato and Ken) -- for example when you would squat down in the Japanese version you'd emit some constant stream of farts for no reason, in the English version you're holding some sort of spray can. You can still see plenty of bathroom humor on display though, with your partner randomly pissing against lampposts in the background, and a number of public urinals that you cruise to restore your health.

The gameplay is like an incredibly slipshod version of Wonderboy and has the slipperiest floors this side of Kid Icarus. I can understand this game being shoddily slapped together to capitalize on the "star power" of these two manchildren in Japan, but as to why it was given an English translation I have absolutely no clue. Anyway, it's nothing but a massive headache to play and the third grade toilet humor really doesn't do anything to bail it out.

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