DROP OFF / Data East / Turbografx 16

Data East's Drop Off is a classic example of poor, uncaring game design shoveled out to market in a hasty attempt to make quick bucks.

The game's tacked-on opening exposition sequence lets us know we are entering the dreams of some girl named Izumi ... "just such a dream as a young girl would have" .... OK so young girls dream about being buried under mounds of fruit? Anyway, it's all some weird excuse to throw you into this Breakout clone where you have to smash oncoming waves of fruit before they reach the bottom of the screen. The designers didn't really do anything to adjust the physics to this new "dropping" mechanic and, not surprisingly, it really doesn't work very well. The idea is to "cut off" bunches of fruit so to speak by knocking out fruit further up the line, but the procession moves so fast and it's so hard to aim the ball accurately that the game turns into a frustrating exercise right from the first level. I'm pretty sure this game was whipped together in less than a month (probably less than a week actually) by some minimal programming team in the hopes of just getting some quick cash into NEC's coffers ... now here they are again trying to pull the same stunt 15 years later on the Wii. Don't be fooled - this is a complete waste of time and money.

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