DEAD MOON / Natsume / Turbografx 16 (1991)

Dead Moon is an alternative band hailing from the Pacific Northwest who, despite never achieving any real level of mainstream popularity, have nonetheless been cited as a major influence by bands such as .... oh wait .... (shuffles papers) .... this is actually another space shooter ... on the Turbografx ... well who woulda thunk it. This one has a slightly odd twist in that upgrading your weapons allows you to take extra hits from the enemies, but you lose the weapons upgrade, and when you're back to your base level pea shooter you die in one hit. It's also one of those ones where you have to keep grabbing the same color weapon upgrade to power up through different levels, but if you grab a different color it sinks you back to the starting level for that color, so in addition to dealing with enemies you get to play "dodge the weapons upgrades" as well (which float in arcs encompassing nearly the whole screen). Difficulty is about medium, I'd say. Yet another shooter, unless your appetite for shooters is voracious I'd just let this one pass.

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