CRATERMAZE / Hudson / Turbografx 16

Cratermaze is basically Bomberman crossed with Lode Runner, but with neither of the fun elements retained. You run around in these little mazes trying to pick up all the treasure chests within a certain time limit. Little enemies spawn and wander around trying to eat you. To defend yourself, you can dig a hole for them to fall in, then bury them while they struggle to climb out (complete with Nintendo-inappropriate Christian crosses to mark their deaths). The problem with the game is that it is just way too easy. The monsters are dumb and don't move very fast, and they always blunder right into your holes. You also seem to have an unlimited number of holes at your disposal. The timer also gives you way more time than you need. There's just no challenge at all to the game. Might be fun if you have wee little tiny yunguns who need a really easy game, but otherwise I can't see anyone really getting into this.

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