BREAK-IN / NEC / Turbografx 16

Mediocre billiards / pool / snooker / whateveryacallit sim.

It tries to be a little more detailed than the average console pool game with what area you want to hit on the ball and whatnot, but I really would have preffered it sacrificed that extra detail to be faster and more fun to play.

Yeah it's tedious and the weird menacing jazz soundtrack doesn't do much to help it ... hell even the title screen is confusing right out of the gate ... "Simulation, Action, Technique"? I thought maybe it was a pr0n game at first ... would it have killed them to get a proper translator for three words?

2008 has been a pretty bad year for Virtual Console releases so far ... wonder what the strategy is with releasing almost nothing but bum games two months in a row?

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