BLOODY WOLF / Data East / Turbografx 16 (1990)

Bloody Wolf's an awful game, but at least it's funny. Though I'm sure that's not what the original developers were going for - I can just picture the corporate Japanese team of marketing specialists sitting around in Tokyo or wherever, watching the ultraviolent militaristic American action movies that were all the rage of the time and plotting on how to capitalize by drafting up this incredibly cheesy cross between the original Metal Gear and the arcade game Commando (with none of the more endearing qualities of either). Cheesy Engrish one-liners, enemies that continually take refuge behind exploding barrels for some reason (and spin stiffly off the screen in improbable physics style when the barrels are exploded), and the dramatic deaths of the enemy soldiers seemed like high drama to them, I guess. Campy and retarted, the gameplay is awful but it's one of those games that's so bad it can be good for two players to romp through. Right now it's Japan only, though there was an English release so we may see it yet once the ESRB gets done laughing their way through it.

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