BATTLE LODE RUNNER / Hudson / Turbografx 16 (1993)

Hudson takes good ol' Lode Runner from the PC and spruces it up a bit with some Bomberman-style colorful graphics and some multi-player modes. For single players, the meat of the game is in Puzzle mode, which is a series of standard levels wherein you run around snagging piles of gold while lizardmen and other beasts chase you down relentlessly. Your only ability is that you can dig a hole to either side of you, which can be used to temporarily trap beasts or make a quick escape through the floor. Honestly I was confused about the overall goal of the game, because simply picking up all the gold doesn't end the level, and you seemingly can only trap the enemies for awhile without killing them ... what are you supposed to be doing exactly? The multiplayer modes - Survival, Escape and Tag - are also kind of lackluster. Up to 5 people play at a time, but Survival generally degenerates into a confusing mishmosh of everyone digging pits everywhere and ends pretty quickly. Escape and Tag are just kind of boring, as you're always on the same old screen. The graphics are very oldschool and simple, and the structure of the game overall gives it the appearance that the programmers really didn't put a whole lot of time into it. Personally I was disappointed by this one. There's better Lode Runner action out there...

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