Zombies Ate My Neighbors marks a rare appearance by LucasArts on the console scene that didn't involve some crappity ass Star Wars shooter. It's actually a great little game, sort of a parody on zombie flicks and the whole schlocky old horror movie scene in general that plays like a much more fun version of Gauntlet.

You go through a series of 50 levels,  as you race through typical American settings like suburban backyards and shopping malls to rescue people before the various monsters get to them. You begin each new game on level 1 (though there's passwords so you can continue every four levels or so), with 10 victims to rescue. You only have to keep one victim alive to progress from level to level, but the number of victims you save carries over to each subsequent level, so saving as many as possible not only boosts your score but ups your chances of making it further.

Two people can play simultaneously, as the cute Julie and the dorky Zeke. You've got a radar that gives you the general position of victims relative to you, but it only works when you're pretty close and some of the levels are sprawling. At first you're up against only slow shuffling dimwit zombies, but as levels go on you get tougher mugs like the hardcore Chainsaw Guys (bet you can guess who they're patterned after) and aliens who fly around in UFOs bombing you. The levels stay the same in each game but there's multiple ways to get around in them, you can find keys to open doors or do stuff like use a bazooka to blow a hole in a wall or hedge, or try to lure some monster into breaking down a barrier for you.

The gameplay's pretty smooth ... graphics are nothing exciting but serviceable ... George "The Fat Man" Sanger turns in the musical score which makes entertaining use of bizarre monster sound effects and generally enhances the experience. Only major thing with this one is that it eventually starts to get really really hard, and it's very tough to actually see all the way through to the end. Good fun for two people though.

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