When this game first fired up I got all creeped out because it looked like Clock Tower.

Yeah I didn't see Human's name in there but they must have had the same artist at least. I thought something horrible was going to happen to this car full of kids but all it turns out to be is some relatively tame gambling simulator.

Hey, what's more boring and frustrating than grinding away at some casino with impossible odds and losing all your money? Doing it virtually for absolutely no real reward at all!

Well, I guess some people will dig playing cards at home or whatever, and you can play multiplayer.

Anyway basically you are on some greedy quest to win 10 million dollars. You get a room at this one casino and $1000, and there's five games to play - blackjack, roulette, slots, craps and poker (7 card stud).

There's a few other casinos you can wander to with different music, and higher betting limits. Once you win $100,000 you unlock ultimate casino that has no upper betting limits but really high minimums.

That's pretty much all there is to the game, sometimes random events occur that might raise or lower your money a little if you accept them. Like, stinky hobo hits you up for spare change and if you give it to him, you get his corncob pipe in return. Then some random antiques dealer wanders by just then and buys the pipe for several hundred dollars. Or, it just turns out to be garbage and you get nothing. Stuff like that.

Yeah unless you're really jonesing for casino games or cards or whatever, it's a pretty tedious grind set to repetitive Leisure Suit Larry music.

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