VAMPIRE'S KISS / Konami / Super NES

I am a bit mystified as to why Konami decided to mess with the excellent Rondo of Blood when porting it to the SNES, as the SNES had the horsepower and the excellent sound chip with which to handle a pretty close emulation of the TurboDuo original. Instead, Konami chose to give us this loose interpretation of the original game - a remix not really for the better on the whole, though there are some qualities to appreciate in it.

Namely, the game has possibly the best background art on the SNES. The use of color is wonderful, and the parallax background effects rival (and sometimes even surpass) the CD-based Rondo.

The rest of it, unfortunately, doesn't fare so well. The levels have been remixed, and not for the better - they have many more flat, boring and repetitive stretches than Rondo did. The game is also entirely linear now - no hidden paths to bonus levels, no wimmins to rescue, and no playing as Maria this time out. The play control is also slightly more clunky than it was in the TurboDuo original. and Richter was already fairly clunky there, so you can imagine.

The music also attempts to mostly hew to the original soundtrack, but just doesn't come off quite as well.

Castlevania fans and the truly hardcore oldschoolers might be intrigued by some of the technical accomplishments here, but the game is just not really that much fun to play, and is doubly disappointing compared to the awesome source on which it was based.

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