Uniracers is a neat little game, which is definitely unique and can be fun at times, but there's a good reason why you've probably never heard of it.

Yeah, it's a pretty simple game that gets old pretty fast.

Basically you play as these sort of anthromorphic unicycles. The gameplay is best described as "Sonic the Hedgehog loop-de-loop levels without enemies meets Skate or Die 2", I think.

Yeah you basically just race forward and navigate the loops and twists and whatnot, but to gain speed you have to do tricks like flipping in midair using the shoulder buttons.

There's straight-up races and then there's like a skate park mode where you just have a big bowl that you launch from and do tricks.

It has its moments and 2 players can have some fun with it, but I really question whether it's worth $8 or whatever they're charging for SNES games now.

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