TIN STAR / Nintendo / SNES

Neither the Super Scope nor the SNES Mouse made a real big splash back in the days of the SNES, so I guess Nintendo decided to roll out one really sweet game that uses both of them to try to convince people to pick them up. And that game is Tin Star.

Yeah. Interesting point of note is that this was developed by an American team at Software Creations, unlike most Nintendo-published games that originate in the misty depths of Japan somewhere. So that's why it has a whole different sort of vibe and humor than the usual Nintendo game does.

I think these were the guys that made that Mario is Missing game ... no worries though, Tin Star is pretty solid fun.

It takes place in some bizarro Old West populated by robots ... Tin Star is the new sheriff of some town, kind of a doof, anyway you go through a week in his life where various banditos and bad guys and such keep trying to cause trouble and start various gunfights that you gotta finish.

In the SNES version you could use the Super Scope or one of the other light guns, or the SNES mouse, or the gamepad ... I never tried it with a light gun but the mouse and gamepad actually work pretty suitably to play the game.

You just go through these missions basically, try to get a high score by taking out the bad guys before they can shoot at you. Also you can shoot dynamite and other stuff lobbed at you out of the air, and there's all kinds of hidden bonus things in the backgrounds to shoot for extra points.

The presentation in this one is just fantastic. The sprites are well animated and have personality, the backdrops are detailed and well colored and look great, and the music is surprisingly really good.

A good reflex tester like this is fun here and there ... especially for those of us who dig the Spaghetti Westerns as well. I don't know how the Wii is going to handle the control scheme but I would assume Wiimote + regular pads would be the options. Either way I imagine it'll be pretty smooth.

I think this one is going to be worth the $8 provided they don't bung up the emulation or controls in any way, it's very unique and very polished.

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