Turtles in Time is the follow-up to the highly popular Ninja Turtles arcade game; it plays a touch smoother, with dashing moves and a more robust regular attack for the Turtles, but it's fundamentally the same game. This time out, Krang flies in and does unspeakable things to the Statue of Liberty on national television, and the Turtles refuse to let this gross public mistreatment of a lady stand.

There actually isn't a huge amount of travelling in time - the first four levels are like a compressed version of the original arcade game, wherein the Turtles romp through the streets of New York en route to the Technodrome for the inevitable Shredder showdown. After a boss battle lifted from Battletoads (the irony!), Shredder sends the Turtles packing back to 60 Bazillion B.C., and they fight through four random historical eras from there on their way back to the present and a face-off against rapist-at-large Krang.

In spite of the new moves added, the game still basically is a repetitive beat-em-up, with endless Foot Clones thrown at you throughout all of the levels (all the same ol' guys we saw en masse in the original arcade game). One notable negative addition to this one is a number of common enemies and bosses that use turtling (the irony!) as their combat strategy, simply blocking everything you throw at them unless you hang about and hit them when they are in mid-attack. This leads to some tedious, drawn-out and grindey battles, particularly when it's a boss enemy doing this. The other big negative is the boss enemy selection in this one - the Turtles face the "B" squad of the series roster, with lamers like Tokka and Razar (from the movie that featured Vanilla Ice) as well as seemingly every variant of the "evil mutant turtle" that ever appeared in the franchise anywhere. When Baxter Stockman and Hobo King are the two most memorable bosses that you fight, you know the game has a problem.

On the positive side, as compared to the arcade release there is some extra content, and the Kukeiha Club turns in another one of their terrific soundtracks. It's still a better-than-average beat 'em up for sure, but I liked the original arcade game better and there's a number of other beat-em-ups I'd prefer over this one when I get in that sort of a mood.

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