SYVALION / Taito / Super NES

Syvalion is one of the worst concepts for a game I've ever seen. You play as this long dragon-shaped spaceship that navigates through a series of narrow tunnels, just totally packed with spikes and gun turrets and stuff that you can't destroy. That would be hard enough to navigate alone, but the game also likes to spawn enemies literally right on top of you. To defend yourself you have only flame breath that fires straight ahead and it's nearly impossible to get the big clunky dragon in position to hit anything. The whole game basically devolves into a nightmare of poor play control and terrible layout. I'm sure whoever originally envisioned this concept probably saw it working differently, but when it turned out like this, they should have just shitcanned the project instead of inflicting it on the market. Another one of those "what the hell were they thinking" moves for gaming history.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video