Alright so we checked out Super Turrican, and that actually turned out to be a pretty decent little run-and-gunner. How does its follow-up fare?

Actually, I think it's gone downhill. This game is a lot flatter and more linear than it's predecessor, and the level design just feels uninspired.

It does have nicer graphics and weapons effects, and arguably better quality music. You also have a Bionic Commando-esque grapple beam now for ledge-swinging action.

Despite those improvements, though, it just feels like some lame attempt to ape Contra 3, which as you know is the pinnacle of manliness.

Yeah it did feel kind of like Contra 3, just with stiffer play control and none of the inspired Treasure-esque gimmicks to the levels.

Definitely a departure from the style of the original Turrican games, I think it's safe to skip this one. The first Super Turrican is really all the Turrican that you need.

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