Turrican was a revolutionary series of shooters for the Amiga, starring some heavily armed robo cyborg thing on his quest to free some planet from the clutches of the Sexual Wizard or somesuch.

Stood up next to the best of the 16-bit console blasters such as Contra 3, Turrican loses some of its luster. However, this is a really good port that adds quite a bit to the game, has solid play control, pleasant graphics and music, nice Dolby Surround Sound effects, and generally offers up a pretty good Badass Platforming experience.

Yeah, usually run-and-gun games where you can only shoot straight forward irk me too much to enjoy ... I make exceptions for Turrican, Mega Man and certain Metal Slug games though.

Turrican gets a pretty overwhelming suite of firepower, and unlike most run-n-gunners it's not a one-hit kill game. A couple of the weapon upgrades you get can ricochet off walls, which sort of partially solves the problem of not being able to shoot upwards. But generally, the levels are designed so that you don't really need to.

You can also roll into a ball temporarily in Metroid style, and leave land mines. The levels are also large and have multiple paths (and lots of hidden 1ups).

The only major downside is that there's no save system or password to continue ... of course, I imagine Wii cabinet saving is going to be supported, so that should no longer be a big deal.

Fans of the run-n-gun and the Badass Platformer genres of gaming should give this one a look if they have the points on hand. Don't jump it in your queue ahead of the most excellent classics, but definitely give it a shot if you've played all the other greats and are looking for a new experience.

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