Well, we knew this was coming.

Yeah, Capcom and Nintendo's fiendish ploy to sell you the same game three times. First release Street Fighter 2, then wait a few months and release Turbo, then wait another few months and release this.

If you're just looking for a good game of Street Fighter and are confused about which one to buy, this is probably the one that's worth taking. It's the same basic game, but with a lot of move and balance tweaks, and things are overall a bit smoother than in the previous two releases.

Some of the old characters get new moves, such as Chun Li's fireball and Blanka's vertical rolls, as well as being able to do air moves and throws. You also have the four "New Challengers" - spandex wearing British Special Forces operative Cammy, native shaman T. Hawk, Jamaican kickboxer Dee Jay and straight up Bruce Lee clone Fei Long.

None of the new characters are any great shakes, but you might as well have 'em on the roster.


The only major downside over the previous games is that they messed up the voices a bit. The manly sounding Japanese announcer from the previous games has been replaced by this Anglo sounding wuss who mispronounces some of the names ("Barlog!"). Also, Blanka's voice clips are now laughably horrendous.

The transition from the arcades is really pretty good, with very little noticeable change in the graphics. And I think the music is actually better in the SNES version than it is in the arcades.

You don't get Akuma as a hidden character in the SNES version, but oh well. Cammy's breast jiggle is also not as pronounced, but again, oh well.

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