Super Punch-Out has the same gameplay mechanics of its predecessor, and even a few returning foes, but somehow the panache is just gone with no Little Mac, no Doc Louis and no Iron Mike.

First off, the game has nice production values and solid play control. No real faults there. It's what you would expect from a Nintendo in-house title. I think the main issue is that this game is the absolute definition of jaggy difficulty. The challenge of every single fighter you face is simply based on odd timing; usually, they hold their punches for a little longer than you expect, or combo up a couple of punches quickly that are unusual. So, the first one or two times you face them, they're nearly impossible to beat because you don't know the timing. Once you've seen everything they do and how they do it, however, they're extremely easy. You'll probably blow through the first four or five fights, and from then on it's a pattern of losing one or two times to each guy, then easily winning and moving on. Delivering counter punches is also way too easy once you've fought a guy a couple of times, although there is some fun in trying to beat opponents as fast as you possibly can (look on Youtube for sub 20 second times for just about every fighter in the game).

On the positive side, the game has some huge sprites and they are among the nicest and most fluidly animated on the SNES. The game might be worth a look just for it's animation alone. It's an OK little romp, but unless you're into continually improving your match times it just doesn't last for very long.

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