The Super NES version of Out of this World was the first version I ever played, and the only version until recently. Thus, I loved it up until a little bit ago when I played the faster and better-looking versions, and now I kind of think it sucks.

Don't get me wrong, the game doesn't suck. Another World / Out of this World was the first truly cinematic game (you could argue Karateka/Prince of Persia, I guess, but they didn't pull off the story nearly as well as this game did), one of the most interesting games of all time, and still great to play. It's just this particular version. It lacks oomph, chutzpah ... actually, what it lacks is tight programming and good resolution. The graphics are murkier than other versions and lower-resolution, and the game moves at a laggy clip ... it even has loading times, which should never ever happen in a console cartridge game (and especially one with the horsepower of the SNES).

Though this game has the extra level added to the DOS version of the game, you also get Nintendo's heavy hand of censorship, which means anything that looks like blood is gone, and some of the more frightening death cinematics have been toned down. Oh, and naturally, no nekkid alien harem at game's end.

The one thing this version can boast over all others is a new synth-symphonic soundtrack. It's pretty good, really. I wouldn't mind having it in the other versions. However, it's not enough by itself to put up with the slowness, censorship and weak graphics when there's numerous other versions of the game about.

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