Operation Logic Bomb apes the overhead levels of Contra 3, all the way down to similar-sounding music and sound effects. The one thing it lacks is the Mode 7 rotation. However, it ends up being a little better designed than those levels (but not than Contra 3 on the whole).

You play as some robo-dude who must clear out a science research center infested with aliens who warp in from another dimension. The aliens are busy planting these generators all over the place that cause more dimensional rips, so you need to track those down and asplode them all too. The game is mostly linear, but you go back and forth across numerous floors of the compound as you find new weapons that let you get by earlier obstacles.

The game is about as plotless as you would expect from an action game, but there are actually some cut-scenes as you go that tell the story of the hapless scientists who summoned these beasts (the leaders all seem to be Smallish Enemy Crabs).

Anyway, it is not pants-wetting excitement, but it is actually fairly fun. The only major downside is that you have to complete it all in one sitting with only three continues, no saves or passwords. Of course, with emulation and save-states it isn't going to be an issue. The game is just fun and playable enough that hardcore old-schoolers may want to take a peek at it.

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