Harvest Moon is story of some kid whose parents abandoned him so they could go gamble or whatever, and now he has to run the farm on his own to stay alive.

You know all those little tedious tasks you do in the Zelda games as time-wasters, like cutting grass or picking up rocks and moving them around? Imagine a whole game consisting of that, and you've pretty much got Harvest Moon.

Yeah running the farm is basically just a never-ending string of repetitive tasks, you just have to know what to prioritize and remember what to do at certain times of the year. That's pretty much it, then you just grind away and make money, and the only other real focus of the game is to get married.

Wooing girls in town (there are four to choose from) and expanding your farm seem like they could be some fun, but it turns out to be mild at best. It's just a new set of repetitive grinding mechanics added to the pile basically.

The other problems with the game are a shoddy translation to English that makes things way more confusing than they need to be, and sound & music that is so shrill it feels like someone is reaching down your ear canal and raking your eardrums with their nails.

Haha oh yeah, and I think this is the first game where I ever got stuck on the tutorial.

Yeah, don't be embarrased if you need a FAQ to get through the opening part in town where you are supposed to just talk to everyone and find out how to play the game. There's so much little shit you have to hunt down, and people you have to talk to (sometimes multiple times), and of course the game gives you no prompts whatsoever about what's left to do. It's probably the hardest part of the game right there.

Some of the later Harvest Moon games might be good, I dunno, but not this SNES one. This is one of those games that has a small but creepily obsessed fanbase that will probably try to track you down and kill you if you point out any of its flaws, so if you see some glowing reviews and ridiculous scores for this one take them with a grain of salt.

Videos :

Gameplay Video - uses way better music so that your eardrums don't bleed