HAGANE / Hudson Soft / SNES

                       Oh  Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

Hagane is the story of some cybernetic ninja-samurai who is ... uh ... I dunno. Fighting mechanical stuff, for some reason. In the FUTURE.

I think the best thing about Hagane is that he is apparently powered by two dwarf pistons or lawn gnomes of some sort :

Anyway I think this was Hudson's attempt to clone Revenge of Shinobi as the play style is very similar.

Yeah Hagane has like more weapons and moves than I can even figure out what to do with. You have four main attacks that you switch with the X button - a sword, a claw grapple thing on a chain, ninja stars and grenades that you can lob in an arc. He also has Ninjer Magic that clears the screen, and can dash/flip back and forth with the L and R buttons. And while you are dash-flipping you can do special dash and jumping attacks. Plus you have a triangle jump off of walls, and a sort of dashing double jump that lets you somersault horizontally when you're in the air.

And with all these moves he still gets his ass handed to him most of the time.

Yeah first off, this is one of those games where the enemies take multiple hits but they don't bounce back at all or slow down when you hit them. And then, most of Hagane's moves aren't really intuitive. I ended up just using the basic sword half the time because everything else seemed ineffective. It seems like all the extra shit just over-complicates everything.

Yep, and this game is pretty hard, and then Hagane's stiff floaty jumping doesn't help things much either.

This game is like the Chakan the Forever Man of the SNES. It's got a small following that likes it but it never really gained enough steam to be looked at as a classic, and in both cases we really don't like the game very much and don't recommend it.

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