This remake package is basically the same old first two Dragon Quest games with an updated tile set, much prettier music, and the difficulty toned down a bit. Battles seem to move slightly faster and less random crap in the enemies favor seems to happen, and you also seem to level a bit quicker in both games than I remember.

Other small changes - you can search background stuff like drawers and pots now, and some of them are hiding attribute boosting seeds, making the game easier yet.

Don't expect any new dungeons, new monsters, etc. - pretty much no new content whatsoever, this is just a grade-up job.

I'd say both these games are superior to the NES originals, mostly thanks to the smoother battles and really nice music enhancements, but neither has aged all that well, and if they didn't really appeal to you in the first place this upgrade probably isn't going to change that.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video