As this is the follow-up to the rather tedious Milon's Secret Castle, I was surprised at how excellent this game turned out to be.

Yep, it has a lot more in common with Super Mario World than with its prequel.

It's a very polished platformer on the cute side, also kind of on the easy side, but there are a few jumping sequences that are on par with the nut-tightening sequences found in the Super Mario games

(Sorry if the ladies out there don't get that reference)

Anyway, fans of platformers should enjoy this. Very nice graphics, smooth gameplay, and the music is interesting too - I'd describe it as "Phillip Glass meets Earthbound meets the temple themes from Ocarina of Time". Not what I was expecting for a cute platform game and makes for an interesting atmosphere in many of the levels.

One of the few cases so far of the Virtual Console taking advantage of the ability to release previously unseen Japanese gems in the West ... still unknown if they will translate it, but a translation wouldn't actually be necessary to enjoy it.

Gaijin Translations has had a translation of this out for a few years now, if you want to go that route.

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