Get away from my door, Jehova's Witness Dragon!!!

You know, back when I first played this (and gave up on because it was too much of a slog) a few years ago, I remember thinking that there was actually a decent game lurking in there beneath the surface and that a team of dedicated ROM hackers might be able to fix enough of the game's issues that it could actually be made fun with some patching.

The first thing needing work would be that godawful English translation. It's like they literally didn't pay a translator, they just gave some Japanese guy a Japanese-to-English dictionary and told him "Do your best!" It frequently descends into nonsensicalness and from what I've been told utterly butchers any nuance in the original dialogue.

Then, they could maybe crank the difficulty down a bit. Definitely cut down the random encounter rate. Maybe make characters level a little faster, or gain more power per level, or just tone the enemies down a bit. As it stands this game is a major grind fest, and it has a lot of portions where you have to tediously walk back and forth across the map with some ridiculous rate of random battles. (I think the Gameboy Advance port actually did something like this, upping your EXP + gold per battle).

They could also stand to fix the janked dragon transformation ability, and the shaman thing that forces you to run back constantly.

It could even use some new music. A lot of what's there isn't too bad, but some of it is really short and really repetitive, including some of the very commonly heard themes like the generic town and battle themes.

Well, if you download this on the Wii you won't get any of these things, because it's just the same old mess that was on the Super Nintendo. However, some German group apparently actually did undertake a project to improve the game in a way similar to what I've described (I don't think they did everything I suggested but they made a lot of changes). You can find the patch here, unfortunately, it's only available in German right now. They are working on an English patch but the last update was in January of 2007 ....

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