VIB RIBBON / Nana-On-Sha / PS1

The reason I don't give this one a rating is that it's in Japanese and really gives you no idea how to play, what buttons do what for which obstacle, or what each menu option actually means. Unless you read about it somewhere else on the net first, be prepared to be completely baffled and frustrated.

That said, Vib Ribbon is from Parappa and Umjammer Lammy publisher Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na On Sha, and is a rhythm game much like those others. The difference here is that instead of paper-thin cartoon characters, you have wireframe graphics looking like some superpowered Vectrex or something.

The story is some drugged-out rabbit is on a wicked acid trip or something, and is dodging obstacles by pressing appropriate buttons set to the beat of his favorite songs. The game comes with some music and levels, but the main feature of it is that you pop in your own CDs, and the game creates levels based on the music therein.

I thought it was kind of a neat idea, but looked more like something you'd download as freeware, not presumably pay 50 or 60 bucks for in a store in Japan whenever it was released (and probably a similar amount now on the secondhand market.) The discordant sound that plays when you flub up a button press is highly annoying too, especially if you are playing with headphones on.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video