FINGER FLASHING / Affect / Playstation

Finger Flashing is an odd shooter/puzzle hybrid that has you facing down a wave of oncoming enemies sprouting rock-paper-scissor symbols from their heads. You must throw the appropriate counter symbol at them to destroy them, if you choose the wrong one you spawn yet another enemy to be dealt with. You can get chain combos and stuff when a bunch of them are next to each other, you can control the speed with the L and R buttons, and you have a finite number of "barriers" you can use to freeze the action for a bit and deal with an overwhelming load of monsters. It's some minor fun, nothing too exciting, but it's a small and free download (translated by R.I.P. Translations as it was Japan-only, though it's not really necessary to understand the text to play).

Links :

* Download from Home of the Underdogs (8MB, works well with ePSXe)

Videos :

* Gameplay Video