NINJA PRINCESS / Sega / Sega Master System

This game is part of the confusing lineage of the arcade game Sega Ninja, which got this port in Japan, but then like a total graphical overhaul called The Ninja (that also changed the gender of the main character) that was released in the West for round eyes.

It's the same basic game as the other three, but I think this is the most primitive version. Really, it isn't far off from some old Tiger LCD game. Little fat Ninja Princess has to take on waves of LCD Ninjas for some reason. You huck throwing stars at them and they rush at you either hucking stars in return or trying to slice you up. It's basically just a run-and-gun from an overhead perspective.

The Ninja is basically the same game but it looks a hell of a lot better and actually plays a little better too. I guess this one is only for those with a fetish for seeing little fat pink ninja women twitch spastically when hit in the head by a shuriken (and don't doubt that there's someone out there Googling for that right now.)

Videos :

* Gameplay Video
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