MASTER SMASH BROTHERS / ? / Sega Master System

(Update: At the time that I reviewed this I hadn't yet played Psycho Fox, so I wasn't aware this was a ROM hack of it. So there ya go.)
 Master Smash Brothers really has little to do with Super Smash Brothers, and is more like a bad Mario clone with Link kind of hammered in as the main character. I guess you could kind of say it's like the adventure mode in the later Smash Brothers games, but that's really stretching it.
 If you're not familiar with the Master System, it was inexplicably huge in Brazil (despite kind of tanking everywhere else) and still has a following and a homebrew scene to this day. This game is obviously a hack of something, I'm not sure if it was a pirate commercial release or just some ROM hack, but it's part of a small series of Nintendo-themed hacks.
 Anyway, the gameplay is total garbage. Link runs, jumps and shoots his sword out at crotch level. He can also pick up various potions, the use of which I never did figure out, and a boomerang. The boomerang seems nice at first, but you'll soon learn it's a trap weapon as it takes away the ability to sword-thrust, yet goes right over the heads of most enemies who are close to you, rendering your groin vulnerable to their ministrations. Link also has to get momentum to jump forward by running, which is clumsy when you only have a small space to make a jump over a large gap with instant death waiting if you don't clear it. You also apparently are helpless while ducking, and Link likes to sometimes not respond to button presses randomly in crucial situations.
 Anyway, yeah, blech basically.

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