Fantasy Zone is a cute shooter from Sega that was very idiosyncratic for its time.

Yeah, while everyone else was trying to clone Gradius, Sega went off into Pastel Land and did a number of unique things. Levels don't automatically scroll, but are big open areas in which you can travel in any direction. Enemies drop bouncing coins in River City Ransom style, and there are upgrade shops that appear here and there in the levels where you can buy new weapons and defenses.

The game is pretty fun, the only problem with it is that once you figure out how it works, it's really short and easy. Basically all you have to do in each level is go to where a few of the highest-paying enemies are, collect some coin, get the best upgrades, and then trash the easy boss in about ten seconds.

Later entries would improve the formula, but this one isn't bad. Has very nice graphics for the time period.

Videos :

Gameplay Video


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