STAR WARS ARCADE / 32X / Lucasarts

This isn't the arcade game - it superficially resembles the arcade game, but it's not the arcade game from the 1980s with the neato wireframe graphics. It's a sort of remake that leaves out some of the best elements of the original.

Now, if I buy "Star Wars Arcade" I expect some version of the friggin arcade game. All you ever do in this one is "wipe out enemy fighters" over and over, and the behest of a somewhat disturbing digitized Ackbar. Where's the fun trench run levels? This one plays more like a Wing Commander game - you fly in an open area against a slew of enemies, who are much more agile than you, and circle strafe around you forever in repetitive yet annoying patterns. They don't actually attack much, they seemingly just try to run out your time and annoy you to death.

Bleh. This game is boring and irritating. Give me the original arcade version over this any day.

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