WONDER BOY IN MONSTER LAND / Sega / Genesis (1991)

Odds are, if you're looking at this, you've played or at least heard of Dragon's Curse. It's available on the Wii, I've got a review up of it on this site, and if somehow you haven't encountered it before I'd encourage you to go look at it. This game, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, is the direct prequel to it even though they had to drop the Wonder Boy name due to complicated licensing reasons. In fact, the first little bit that you play in Dragon's Curse is the end sequence of this game, where you take on the Mecha Dragon. Anyway, the gameplay is quite similar, except instead of changing into various creatures you're playing as Wonder Boy with his sword for the whole of this one. It's fairly simple hack-and-slash fare with simple RPG elements, done with cute colorful graphics and upbeat calypso music. I imagine action-RPG fans who are partial to a cute game will enjoy it, and fans of Dragon's Curse should definitely give it a look as it's very similar.

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