WARSONG / Treco / Genesis

Warsong is an interesting old turn-based strategy RPG in the mold of games like Fire Emblem and Shining Force. It was better known as "Langrisser" in Japan.

Yeah, and like the Fire Emblem series, it had raging success and tons of sequels in Japan, yet hardly any effort was made to port the games to the English speaking countries.

You go through about 30 scenarios, playing as this standard young prince whose kingdom is overrun by evil, and has to rally an army to recapture his lands and etc. The story is no great shakes, but the gameplay is pretty solid. Decent graphics and high-energy music as well.

It's basically a pretty good game, but there's one thing that just kills it for me. The computer AI is intolerably stupid. Battles become too easy because the computer foes always can be counted on to do stupid shit, but it's a two-edged sword as a lot of missions have you paired up with computer-controlled allies who you have to protect, and they love to just run face-first into danger and mess up your protective formations.

Oh yeah, and if you don't manually end every unit's turn, the computer seizes control of them and moves them in random directions to screw up all your plans.

Ultimately the horrid AI just brought the game down too much for me to give it more than a Meh, even though I wished it would have been better.

Well, they made about 2 jillion sequels to this game, so at least one of them probably fixed the battle system.

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