VIRTUA FIGHTER 2 / Sega / Genesis (1994)



Virtua Fighter 2 for the Genesis was an oddity when it came out, and it's even odder to see it pop back up on the Virtual Console and PC. I guess it was meant as a sort of watered-down way for home gamers who wanted to play VF2 but didn't want to shell out for a Saturn to have some sort of version of the game, even if it is limited. Basically, all the fighters are here and the fighting action is pretty much the same as the original arcade version, but the view has been limited to two dimensions. Sort of like something that Hong Kong pirates would create, except the quality is actually pretty good.

The action is seen from the side, like a Street Fighter game, the closest comparison being Street Fighter EX I suppose. You can step into the foreground/background to dodge attacks, but the perspective always stays from the side, don't expect any 3D action here. The backgrounds are also of course not nearly as detailed as they are in the original version. I dunno, I guess it's basically a serviceable fighter, but it's not too hard to find ways to play the real Virtua Fighter 2 these days ... kind of a strange choice for Wii release.

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