VECTORMAN / Sega / Genesis (1995)

Vectorman is a pretty, clunky monster. I mean, the graphics are great, it's certainly something you don't even expect the Sega Genesis to even be capable of. But the gameplay is just too slipshod.

It's got Sonic the Hedgehog-itis, and then some -- your avatar is too big and you're too close to the edges of the screen, and the enemies are way too quick and accurate about firing the split-second they see you giving you not enough time to react. Also, with all the animated shit in the background it's often tough to pick out threats from innocuous objects -- the designs just aren't distinct enough.

The game is too difficult, but it's not good difficulty, it's that "these controls and this level design suck" difficulty. It reminds me of playing old Psygnosis games. I think everyone who shoots their load over this game is doing it based on graphics alone ... this game never made it as a big mainstream hit simply because it is not very fun to play, nice to look at though it may be. The techno music is really annoying, too.

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