Hmm OK so ... take Outrun and Space Harrier and Afterburner and throw 'em in the blender with a helicopter and some tanks, and you get this game.

Yeah it's really just like Space Harrier with a helicopter, except over one of the roads from Outrun or something.

You fly forward, with this janky 3D perspective that has a tremendously low frame rate, and dodge incoming enemy fireballs while you hold down the fire button. Either you're equipped with infinite homing missiles or the Force is really with me whenever I play this game, because it seems like you can fire just about anywhere on the screen and most of the enemies end up blowing up anyway.

It's a pretty easy game, not much fun and not very pretty to look at either. This was one of the very first Genesis games made, and it was converted from a better looking arcade version that the Genesis hardware really can't keep up with.

I guess it's some simple brainless fun, on the level of crashing little plastic helicopters and jets into each other and making "PEW PEW PEW" noises, but it will wear thin pretty quick and I don't think it's even near worth the dollar amount that they are asking for it.

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