STRIDER / Sega / Genesis

OK, well at least it's the Genesis port of Strider, which is fairly close to the arcade version.

Yeah, not that hideous NES version ... I know it's coming though. I can feel it in my bones.

Well, that's a fiendish challenge for another day. This particular game hews pretty close to the arcade original. It's not quite as sharp and as colorful graphically, and some of the background elements have been removed. It also elminates all the digitized speech and of course the Genesis sound chip isn't quite up to the arcade hardware so the music is a little watered down.

Otherwise the levels and gameplay are pretty much the same. Strider goes on his crazy battle against Immortal Gorbachev and his cyber Russkie army (who seem to have built most of their troops in the form of weird animal robots like a giant gorilla), using his gigantic plasma sword and acrobatic manuevers.

The game has a unique pace and feel, and is pretty difficult. As such, I'd say it's not going to be to everyone's tastes, though some people love it.

Right, it's pretty frustrating. A lot of its appeal back in the day had to do with it's graphical flash, which even in it's watered-down form on the Genesis still looked really impressive when stacked up next to an NES. Nowadays, that element is gone.

I would say this one is for those who already have a nostalgic connection to it only ... I think the chance of a newcomer not liking it is pretty high.

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